Algeria players make a promise to the fans after defeating Guinea

The Algerian national team players were keen to apologize to the Algerian fans, after Guinea’s unexpected defeat at Nelson Mandela Stadium, on Thursday, with a score of two goals to one, for the third round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, and in the first official match for the new coach, the Swiss. Vladimir Petkovic.

The Algerians were shocked by the defeat against Guinea, and they were waiting to continue collecting points in Group Seven, which the Algerian team is still leading with 6 points, but with a goal difference over the Guinean team, before the fourth round match, on Monday, June 10, against the Ugandan team. In Kampala.

Algeria national team players apologize to the fans

The defeat of Guinea left a widespread wave of dissatisfaction among the Algerians and a storm of criticism, which began from the stands of Nelson Mandela Stadium, when the fans expressed their anger at the performance of the “Greens”, and continued on social media platforms in a very sharp manner.

After this defeat, the Algerian national team players were forced to issue statements that included an apology and promises to make amends in the next round against Uganda.

Benzia: We are disappointed and I understand the reaction of the Algerian fans

Yassine Benzia, the star of the Azerbaijani Karabakh club, admitted his feeling of disappointment and frustration following the defeat against Guinea, expressing his understanding of the anger of the Algerian fans after this unexpected stumble. He said in statements during the mixed zone after the match: “We lost at home to Guinea, so we are disappointed.” Very large”.

He added a comment on Reasons for lossHe added: “I will not say that we were absent. In the first stage, we were more cohesive and had many opportunities to score. We were better than them in this regard.” He added: “At the beginning of the second half, we conceded an early goal, but our response was quick, and then we conceded the second goal.” He added: “I don’t know how. We will have to re-watch the match in order to correct it before the next confrontation.”

The former Turkish Fenerbahce star expressed his understanding of the disappointment of the Algerian fans, and stated: “I understand the disappointment and frustration of the fans after this defeat. We know the fans in Algeria, it is a country that loves football, and it is clear that when we do not achieve victory, the fans feel very disappointed,” before… He promises to make amends against Uganda, saying: “We will give everything during the next match (Uganda). Losing a match makes us disappointed, that’s for sure, but there are still many matches left to make up for, God willing.”

Brahimi: We are men. We bear responsibility for the defeat and we will compensate in Uganda

Yacine Brahimi stressed that all Algerian national team players bear responsibility for the defeat against Guinea, and made a promise to the Algerians to win in Uganda. He stated in this regard: “The defeat against Guinea was unexpected for everyone, and I am the first among them.” He continued: “The Algerian national team players are men and they bear their responsibility. We bear Responsibility for this defeat.

Brahimi, who was subjected to strong criticism for his performance and his mistake in Guinea’s first goal, continued, saying: “The reason for the defeat? I do not know exactly. When we lose, it often means that things did not go as they should, and according to what we had planned,” before making a promise to the Algerians, He said in it: “The Uganda match awaits us, which we must win to remain in the lead and continue in the best possible way in the World Cup qualifiers.”

Mandy: We are disappointed, but we are determined to make amends against Uganda

For his part, Issa Mandi’s statements were not without a feeling of disappointment and frustration, as he said: “We feel disappointed and frustrated, that’s for sure. We knew how important the Guinea match was in the race to qualify for the World Cup, and because it was our responsibility on the field.”

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He added: “Now we must ask the reason for the defeat. They did not have many opportunities to score, but they were effective and scored two goals from two opportunities.” He added: “We must evaluate what happened in the Guinea match so that we can be at the level during the next confrontation with Uganda,” stressing the necessity of Victory: “Algeria players aim for compensation in the Uganda match.”

Mandy refused to go into details about the Algerian national team’s defensive problems, and the recent conceding of a large number of goals. He said: “It is true that we conceded a lot of goals, especially from set pieces. I do not know what I can say, especially in the heat, so that I speak without meaning.” He added: “I must Correcting mistakes, we have many matches ahead of us in the qualifiers, and we are looking forward to making amends in the Uganda match to make the fans proud of the national team.”

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