Al-Zawraa’s coach monitors the air force and police

The coach of the Iraqi Al-Zawraa team, Issam Hamad, confirmed that he is monitoring the Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and Al-Shorta teams, even though they are not close to facing each other in the Iraq Stars League.

Hamad said to:win win“: “I congratulate the players for their victory over Al-Talaba, and all those who stood behind the team throughout this period for Al-Zawraa to return again. Praise be to God, Al-Zawraa got up and returned to his normal position, because the team He is only worthy of winning by virtue of his name and history.”

The technical director added, “We are monitoring the front teams, the Air Force and the Police, and whenever the opportunity arises, we will be on time to pounce on the lead.”

Al-Zawraa player: I communicate with Casas through my performance on the field

For his part, the star of the Al-Zawraa team revealed, Louay Al-Ani, about his favorite way to communicate with the Iraqi national team coach, the Spanish Jesus Casas. Al-Ani said to:win winAfter Al-Zawraa’s 1-0 victory over Al-Talaba in the Iraq Stars League: “Praise be to God, the audience made us happy, and this is the most important thing.”

From the match between Al-Zawraa and Amanat Baghdad, within the Iraqi League competitions (FACEBOOK / IRAQI STARS LEAGUE)

Al-Ani added, saying: “We seek to provide levels that befit us as Al-Zawraa players, and thank God, my performance has improved thanks to Him, the Almighty, and thanks to my fellow players.” Regarding the fact that there was communication between him and Casas, Al-Ani confirmed: “Casas did not contact me, and my communication with him is through my performance on the field.”

It is noteworthy that Al-Zawraa occupies third place in the ranking table Iraq Stars League This season 2023-24, with 55 points from 28 matches (15 wins, 10 draws, 3 defeats), 6 points behind Al-Shorta, the second, and 7 points behind the leaders, Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya.

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