Al-Wahshi’s options raise widespread controversy before the match between Tunisia and Namibia

The match between Tunisia and Namibia is considered the fourth round of the tournament African qualifiers Qualifying for the 2026 World Cup is a golden opportunity for the players of coach Montaser Al-Wahshi, to go further towards booking a ticket to the American World Cup.

Amidst a controversial atmosphere and difficult circumstances, the “Eagles of CarthageTo escape with the leadership of Group H by reaching the 12th point and deepening the gap to 5 points with its pursuers, Namibia, after achieving 3 consecutive victories that came at the expense of the Sao Tome and Principe teams 4-0 and Malawi and Equatorial Guinea with the same score 1-0.

The confrontation will take place this Thursday evening in Orlando, South Africa, specifically at five o’clock Tunisia time (seven p.m. Mecca time), and will be led by the whistle of the Mauritanian referee, Dahhan Bede.

The Tunisia-Namibia match and the “cylinder” of habit

The widespread criticism that preceded today’s match against Namibia did not deviate from that which was launched since learning of the list of players chosen by coach Montaser Al-Wahashi and his assistant Anis Al-Busaidi, for this extremely important international stop, on the way to crossing to… World Cup Next.

Al-Wahshi’s choices in the match between Tunisia and Namibia raised a lot of criticism among observers, not only at the level of names, but also at the level of the tactical form followed, which is dominated by defensive caution, in light of the almost complete absence of the imprint of the attackers, especially the frank ones, who did not start from scratch. The basis is the last confrontation with Equatorial Guinea, which was one of the worst “Eagles outings” in the last decade.

Although criticizing the coach’s choices has become a “habit” among the sporting public, because agreeing on it is impossible, Al-Wahayshi’s roster and the way he employs players has known many shortcomings since he took over the Eagles’ technical reins in emergency mode.

Angry players

The match between Tunisia and Namibia, like other previous dates, is an opportunity to shed light on the national team and the shortcomings that appear and continue to appear in it, and as it continues, there is a lot of talk about distinguished alternatives “from those who are angry at them” and who are not reliable, for one reason or another.

One of the most important of these names, which has been “frozen” for a long time due to a problem with the Tunisian Federation, is the former star of the Saudi Abha club, Saad Baqir, who is considered the most prominent Tunisian midfielder who is currently still active, due to his “heavy” technical weight in the midfield, and his play-making skills. Mastery of free kicks – which is the weapon of the modern era – is indisputable, and despite that, it is “out of the picture” due to “narrow calculations.”

Baqir is the most famous of those excluded from the Tunisian national team family, but there are others who are marginalized inside, most notably Mohamed Hajj Mahmoud (24 years old), the Swiss player for Lugano, who is considered one of the most consistent Tunisian professionals, and despite that, he is always outside the “circle of competition for a place in the squad.” It is also unlikely – in light of the past – that he will be seen in the match between Tunisia and Namibia today.

Other than these two names, Al-Wahhishi’s choices sparked the dissatisfaction of some local clubs, the most important of which are the Stade Tunisien, Club Bizertin and USM Monastir, which have in their ranks brilliant elements locally and are able to support the “Eagles” squad.

Difficult circumstances

Aside from the match between Tunisia and Namibia today and the criticism surrounding it and this international break regarding the options and the clearly widespread state of dissatisfaction regarding the pale face of the Tunisian elements, some link everything that is happening to the difficult circumstances that Tunisian football is experiencing, with its suffering from a state of turmoil and instability.

Tunisia's national team faces Namibia in the African qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup

The state of imbalance caused, in a way, the setback of being eliminated from the first round in the last match in Côte d’Ivoire, and is mainly represented in the administrative aspects, which confused the entire federation system after its president, Wadih Al-Jari, was thrown behind bars, against the backdrop of an “under-the-table war” between the Tunisian federation. For the game and the Ministry of Sports.

The absence of the “captain” of the Al-Ittihad ship even affected the upcoming elections for the new office, after three files were rejected for not meeting the legal conditions, which made Tunisian football swim in the orbit of fog, which may clear after next July 15, the date of the end of the term of office presidency. The current situation, and the possibility of new faces coming to occupy this sensitive position, which may bring with them signs of hope for a clearer future.

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