Al-Wahda maintains its title as champion of the Syrian Basketball League

Al-Wahda team won the Syrian League Championship title For basketball For the eleventh time in its history and the second in a row, after ending the final series with four 0-0 victories over Al Karama.

Regular time for the fourth match ended with the result tied (87-87), and Al-Wahda team decided it after the extension in its favor by six points (107-101).

Al-Wahda defeats Al-Karama in a dramatic match and is crowned champion of the league

Al Karama team, which played the match away from its fans due to the penalty of deprivation from the Basketball Association, after the riots that accompanied the third match between the two teams, gave up a 16-point lead in the first half of the match, so Al Wahda Club recorded its comeback at the decisive time to adjust the numbers at the end of regular time. .

The stardom of the match went to American Al-Wahda team professional Donte McGill, who scored forty-one points with an effectiveness of 38, the highest between the two teams, while his other American teammate Jamil Artis scored thirty-three points, with an effectiveness of reaching thirty.

The new Al Karama team player, Clay Anthony Early, who arrived in Syria on the morning of the match, coming from the Lebanese Al-Hikma team after the end of his campaign with them in the final round of the Wasl Championship, which was held in Doha, scored twenty-seven points, while the team’s second professional, Dewarrick Spencer, scored twenty-one points. It wasn’t enough to prevent his team from losing.

Ayham Owusu, the Syrian national team defender, will miss the matches between North Korea and Japan due to injury (winwin)

The coach of the Lebanese Al-Wahda team, Marwan Khalil, dedicated the victory to his broad fans, and said: “Despite the fluctuations that the team went through since the beginning of the season, and its participation in a large group of tournaments, it maintained focus in the important periods of the season. The foreign players gave their full effort, and for I have achieved a great achievement by being at the club for two consecutive seasons in which I achieved two league championships. In conclusion, I dedicate this victory to the fans of Al-Sham and to the club’s fans everywhere.”

In turn, the player Tariq Al-Jabi considered that obtaining the league championship was the culmination of the team’s efforts during the long season, and he said: “We had a very long season by participating in the International Intranic Championship, and the Dubai and Sharjah tournaments in the United Arab Emirates, in addition to participating in the Wasl League. With the local league and cup matches, all thanks to the players who did not fall short at all, and the biggest thanks go to the great fans of Al-Wahda Club who supported us greatly in reaching the repeat of the achievement, and winning the league championship for the second time in a row.”

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