Al-Sheibi’s lawyer takes a new escalation against the Egyptian Football Association

Counselor Hani Bakri was keen to begin the first procedural steps towards international escalation against Egyptian Football AssociationRegarding the decision issued by the Board of Directors against Moroccan international Mohamed El-Sheibi, Pyramids club defender, El-Sheeby’s lawyer escalated matters.

Counselor Hani Bakri filed a grievance and appeal against the decision of the Egyptian Football Association regarding the suspension of the Moroccan player before the Appeals Committee. This comes as a necessary first procedural step towards escalation to the International Sports Court.

Escalation from Al-Shaibi’s lawyer

Al-Sheibi’s lawyer was keen to file another complaint with the Disciplinary Committee of the Egyptian Football Association, against all the people who took or contributed to voting or expressing an opinion about violating the jurisdiction of the Disciplinary Committee and neutralizing its powers, stressing that the law punishes anyone who violates the committee’s decisions by preventing them from practicing sports activity, which is A guarantee approved in accordance with international conventions.

The legal advisor to the player, Mohamed Al-Shaibi, also called on the management of the Football Association to refer the grievance to the Appeals Committee as soon as possible, and the complaint to the Disciplinary Committee, and not to fail in doing so, as happened earlier in the complaint that was submitted to the Disciplinary Committee on May 9, 2023. Regarding the events of the Egyptian Super match that was held in the UAE between Al-Ahly and…Pyramids.

Al-Shaibi’s lawyer confirmed that due to the absence of justice and the failure to apply the regulations to the attacks that occurred during the Egyptian Super Cup match in the Emirates and the ignoring of the first complaint, Hussein Al-Shahat, the Al-Ahly club player, created a feeling that he had become above the law and regulations, and he carried out the physical and verbal assault against Muhammad Al-Shaibi. A Pyramids player after the end of the match between the two teams in the league competition, in an incident witnessed by the whole world.

Moroccan Mohamed El-Sheibi, Egyptian Pyramids player (X: Awsat)

The legal advisor added that, nevertheless, his client turned to the Egyptian Football Association, hoping to implement the regulations and laws, impose justice, and punish Al-Shahat with a deterrent punishment. However, the Football Association’s response was to punish Al-Shahat with a lighter and more compassionate punishment than the punishment imposed by a caring mother on her infant in the clear absence of implementing regulations and laws.

Al-Sheibi’s lawyer said in the letter, “The Egyptian Football Association had previously launched charges against Al-Sheibi regarding his violation of the regulations of the Football Association and the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA), according to the letter sent on January 3, 2024, before referring him to the Disciplinary Committee. Despite this, the Federation did not care about the powers of the Football Association.” The Disciplinary Committee decided on its own to punish Al-Shaibi out of spite and anger at the issuance of the ruling by the Nasr City Misdemeanor Court.”

He continued that the Football Association justified this because Al-Shaibi continued to violate the regulations, and that this evidence and many others are the greatest evidence of collusion, intent to persecute, and abuse of power, and constitute a clear violation of the goals and regulations of FIFA, and Al-Shaibi will submit all evidence and videos to the international investigation authorities in order to preserve his dignity.

The legal advisor also spoke in his speech about the invalidity of the decision of the Football Association’s Board of Directors regarding the suspension of Al-Shaibi in addition to fining him, because it was issued by a non-competent authority, and in violation of the decision of the Disciplinary Committee entrusted with issuing decisions in this regard, which confirmed beyond a reasonable doubt that the Moroccan international did not violate the rules. The regulations are because he resorted to the Egyptian judiciary, and that he searched for his natural right, which was squandered by the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association earlier.

Al-Shaibi’s lawyer also stressed in his speech that despite the Pyramids player’s certainty that he had not committed any violation, he nevertheless complied with the instructions of the advisor and head of the Disciplinary Committee and appeared before him and presented his defenses and all the documents confirming the validity of his position. Since that date, pressure, threats and intimidation continued against the player and it reached the stage of persecution because he A non-Egyptian player who plays in the club competing with Al-Ahly Club, which has a large fan base. This includes explicit incitement against the player through the media.

He continued that despite the recognition by representatives of the Egyptian Football Association of the legitimacy of El-Sheibi’s resort to the Public Prosecution, and instead of the Football Association being in a neutral position as it is the trustee of the Egyptian football system, we find that its president made statements aimed at putting pressure on El-Sheibi to give up one of his basic rights and drop his case. .

The letter also included a request to provide Muhammad Al-Shaibi within 72 hours with the decision of the Disciplinary Committee regarding the complaint submitted by Al-Ahly Club, to which he was referred according to the letter dated January 3, 2024, and before which he appeared on March 28, 2024.

He also demanded that the necessary urgent measures be taken to withdraw the decision issued by the Football Association’s Board of Directors on May 30, 2024, because it was issued by an incompetent party, as it constitutes a serious assault on the powers and powers of the Disciplinary Committee and constitutes a blatant violation of the Football Association’s regulations, while stressing that the given decision It is merely a physical act that does not have any legal effect and does not have any binding character because it was issued by an uncompetent party.

The legal advisor also stressed in his speech that submitting this grievance does not constitute an acknowledgment by the player of the decision of the Football Association’s Board of Directors, and this grievance does not make it a legal decision. Rather, it is merely a material act, and in the event that the player’s legitimate demands are not responded to immediately, The player will escalate internationally and resort to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to cancel the decision.

He stressed that he will resort to the International Professional Players Association to file a complaint against the acts of persecution suffered by the international player in Egypt by the Football Association. He will also resort to the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) to impose the necessary disciplinary sanctions against the Football Association due to the blatant violation of the goals and regulations of FIFA and the practice of acts of persecution and incitement against him. Denying and obstructing the course of justice by ignoring the decisions and powers of the Disciplinary Committee.

The legal advisor concluded his speech by stressing that he reserves the right to claim the necessary compensation as a result of the material and moral damage he suffered as a result of the Football Association’s decision.

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