Al-Shaalali flirts with Ali Maaloul and talks about the Al-Ahly and Esperance summit

Anis Chaalali, the current physical trainer in the Tunisian national team, and one of the most important members of the former technical staff of Al-Ahly Club, led by Hossam El-Badry, the unknown soldier in physically leading the Red Giant players during his presence within the walls of Al-Ahly Club, decided to restore his memories with the Red Castle and touch upon Ali Maaloul’s performance in the company of the giant. Egyptian.

The Tunisian has had many successful experiences inside Egypt, not only… Al-Ahly Only, as he had previously been with Hossam El-Badry in the technical staff of the Pyramids Club, as well as in the coaching staff of the Egyptian national team.

Tunisian Anis Chaalali spoke in the second part of his special interview with the platform “win win“On his expectations to face Al-Ahly and…Taraji And his previous memories, and the beginning of Ali Maaloul until he became the commander of the Red Castle

Special memories of the confrontations between Al-Ahly and the Tunisian teams

Anis Chaalali said: “In my career with Al-Ahly, there were many unforgettable confrontations against Tunisian teams. We faced Esperance of Tunisia and Etoile du Sahel in the same season. The return match against Esperance was exciting after a 2-2 draw in Burj Al Arab, and Esperance advanced in Tunisia. With one goal, we had a wonderful and distinguished second half through all the players. Ali Maaloul played an important role in achieving victory and qualifying in Rades. I remember that we experienced great joy, especially since we were about to exit despite the distinguished performance.”

Anis Chaalali, former physical trainer for the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club (Facebook/anis.chaalali.1) Winwin

He continued: “As for the confrontation with Etoile du Sahel, it was in the semi-finals. It was a very difficult and exciting confrontation. Burj Al Arab Stadium witnessed one of the most beautiful matches with Al-Ahly in performance and result. Certainly, Ali Maaloul and I were as professionals present with the club, each one working hard in his position.” To achieve victory, with a special character due to playing a match against a team from your country. The match was characterized by a more enthusiastic and competitive atmosphere. Before that, the focus was only on winning, and then relations remained good. I faced people who are among my best friends in the field and who had a great influence in my beginnings, such as Fawzi Benzarti, whom I have all my love and appreciation for.”

Ali Maaloul’s start with Al-Ahly

Regarding the start of Ali Maaloul with Al-Ahly, Al-Shaalali said: “Maaloul joined the ranks of Al-Ahly club about two or three months before my arrival. We had faced each other before that in previous matches in the Tunisian league without any personal acquaintance between us. As soon as the technical staff arrived with Hossam El-Badry, I soon became close.” Very dear to Ali Maaloul. We used to spend wonderful times outside of training. We were close to each other in our residence as well, and thus the relationship between the two families became stronger, especially with my family being in Egypt. Mutual respect was the title of the relationship that united me with Ali Maaloul, in addition to the professionalism that helped us in the separation. Between work and friendship, Ali Maaloul is a very persistent person who loves to always be the best, and that is what distinguishes Maaloul since he was in Sfaxien.”

Anis Al-Shaalali added: “Ali Maaloul’s beginning came under the leadership of Martin Jol, and the strong competition brought him together with Sabri Rahil and Hussein Al-Sayyed. Everyone is competing for a position in Al-Ahly’s starting lineup. Hossam Al-Badry was seeking to make the competition in the group’s favor, and every player is striving to show his best potential. This is One of the most important factors that pushed Ali Maaloul to develop his performance and try to impose himself as a starter in the team and prove his worth, as the three were very special.”

Fans celebrate wearing the leadership armband

Anis Chaalani continued his statements by saying: “I witnessed the sincerity, love and appreciation of the fans for Ali Maaloul when he wore the leadership armband. Everyone was waiting for this symbolic event, an expression of the fans’ appreciation for the years that the Tunisian star spent inside the Red Castle. Ali Maaloul showed great effort and loyalty to Al-Ahly club, at the level Personally, I was very happy and I wish him more success and excellence.”

Ali Maaloul’s performance with Al-Ahly differs from Tunisia

The famous physical trainer added in his statements: “Ali Maaloul is a distinguished and prominent player who plays well with Al-Ahly. He is an international player who often performed wonderfully with the Tunisian national team. He was most successful at the time with the national team. I do not agree with the opinion that Ali Maaloul’s performance differs between the national team and Al-Ahly.”

He added: “Perhaps this impression stems from the extent of the Tunisian people’s expectations of Ali Maaloul, and he may be unsuccessful in a match for one reason or another. I believe that Ali Maaloul always strives to provide his best level with the national team and with Al-Ahly.”

Facing Al-Ahly and Esperance

Anis Chaalali concluded his statements by addressing the upcoming confrontation between Al-Ahly and Esperance in the final African Champions LeagueHe said: “It is definitely a difficult match, as is usual for Al-Ahly and Esperance matches. I cannot predict the champion team, especially since the details will decide the situation.”

He continued: “The confrontation between Al-Ahly and Esperance has distinguished the Champions League competition in recent years. This is evidence of the success of the two teams at the local and continental levels. I think it will be exciting and enthusiastic, especially with the presence of the fans. Esperance will try to take advantage of playing at home in the first match, and Al-Ahly has an incentive to lift the title in front of its fans in Cairo, focus and exploiting the opponent’s lapses will be decisive in determining the champion team.”

He added: “The most important thing that distinguishes Esperance in the recent period, especially in the African Champions League, is defensive solidity, which was decisive in its candidacy at the expense of Sun Downs. As for Al-Ahly, it has a group of distinguished players in the offensive side. Each team has a young goalkeeper.” He has proven his worth and his high capabilities, which makes us wait for a special confrontation between Mameesh and Mustafa Schubert.”

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