Al Rayyan responds to Al Shamal Club regarding coach Boya Espagui

Issued Al Rayyan ClubAl-Shabab, the runner-up in the Qatari league last season, issued an official statement in response to Al-Shamal Club’s accusations regarding the “terrible” negotiations with the Swedish coach, Boya Aspagi, the technical director of Al-Shamal.

Al Rayyan issued a lengthy statement on Tuesday evening, July 2, in which it clarified the truth of the accusations, which it described as “malicious accusations,” especially after the statements of the president of Al Shamal Club yesterday, Monday.

“Al-Rahib” said in his statement, which he published on his official account on the social media platform:X“Al Rayyan expresses its strong condemnation and resentment of the malicious accusations made by the presidency of Al Shamal Sports Club regarding the ongoing negotiations with Swedish coach Boya Aspagi, while the Al Rayyan administration reserves the right to take all necessary legal measures.”

Al Rayyan denies negotiating with Bouya Asbagi without the permission of Al Shamal Club

The club stressed in its statement: “Al Rayyan affirms its permanent commitment to the highest standards of transparency, professionalism and ethics in all its dealings and negotiations. There was no transgression or ill-intention at any stage of the aforementioned negotiations. In fact, the negotiations would not have been able to complete their paths if Al Rayyan Club had evidence of Al Shamal Club’s objection to the process.”

Subordinate description Qatar League Last season: “Despite the validity and legitimacy of the negotiations or signing with the Swedish coach, Boya Aspagi, on behalf of Al Rayyan Club, the statements of the presidency of Al Shamal Sports Club only confirm the existence of internal poor coordination between the football apparatus at Al Shamal Club and its management, for which Al Rayyan Club bears no responsibility.”

He added: “The Al Rayyan Club management regrets that the Al Shamal Club presidency has reached this unsportsmanlike level of issuing statements that include a shameful attack and false statements that affect the reputation and professionalism of Al Rayyan Club. It would have been more appropriate for the Al Shamal Club management to verify with its football department and activate communication channels between the two clubs to verify the details of the issue; instead of resorting to the media and practicing an unjustified, undisciplined and unprofessional emotional attack.”

The club concluded its statement by stressing that it will take all legal measures based on the above, and will work in the ways guaranteed by law to refute the accusations attributed to it by the presidency of the North Club, prove their invalidity, and restore its legal right within the framework of the official litigation channels in the country.

Moroccan Achraf Bencharki, striker for Qatari club Al Rayyan

Ibrahim Al-Sada, the president of Al-Shamal Club, made statements to the media via Al-Kass Channel, in which he said that Al-Rayyan tried to contract with the team’s coach, Bouya Asbagi, by paying the value of the penalty clause in his contract, without referring to the Al-Shamal management.

It is noteworthy that Al Shamal Club finished last season in ninth place in the Qatari League table, after collecting 25 points from 22 matches, in which it won 6 matches, drew 7 matches, and lost 9 matches.

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