Al-Nasr announces the final departure of Abdel Fattah Adam and the loan of Mukhtar Ali

Abdel Fattah Adam – Al-Nasr – Saudi League

Saudi 360 – Today, Thursday, the Saudi Al-Nasr Club announced the transfer of Abdel-Fattah Adam, the first football team striker, to the ranks of Al-Taawoun permanently.

Al-Nasr agrees to sell Abdel Fattah Adam’s contract to Al-Taawoun

Al-Nasr Club’s account was published on the “X” social networking platform: “The club’s management agreed to sell the contract of player Abdel Fattah Adam to Al-Taawon Club.”

Management directed AL-Nasser clubThanks to former striker Abdel Fattah Adam for what he presented during his career with Al-Alamy, wishing him success in the next stage.

Conversely; Al-Taawon Club, through its account on the social networking site “X”, welcomed the return of its former striker, Abdel-Fattah Adam, through a video clip that included the song “The Passion is Back.”

Mokhtar Ali was loaned to Al-Fateh

The management of the Saudi Al-Nasr Club agreed to loan Mukhtar Ali, the midfielder of the first football team, to Al-Fateh ranks.

According to the Saudi newspaper, Al-Riyadiah, Al-Fateh Club will sign Mukhtar Ali, the Al-Nasr midfielder, for one sports season, on loan.

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