Al-Nashama’s victory over Tajikistan is like killing 3 birds with one stone!

The “starchy” Jordanian national team realizes the great importance of its upcoming confrontation against its Tajik guest, scheduled at the Amman International Stadium the day after tomorrow, Thursday, in the fifth and penultimate round of the tournament. Asian qualifiers for the World Cup.

Three teams are competing for the two qualification cards for Group Seven, led by Saudi Arabia with 10 points, followed by Jordan with 7 points, then Tajikistan With 5 points, while the Pakistan national team was eliminated from the competition, as it sits in last place without any point.

It is enough for the Jordanian national team to achieve victory over its Tajik guest to officially declare its qualification to the third round, knowing that the first leg between them ended in a 1-1 draw.

If the star team achieves victory over Tajikistan, it will succeed in killing 3 birds with one stone, summing it up: win winBelow:

Qualifying here and there

If the Jordanian national team scores a victory over Tajikistan in the upcoming public confrontation, it will kill two birds with one stone. The first is that it will secure its qualification to the third round of the World Cup qualifiers, and it will also preserve its hopes of reaching the World Cup for the first time in the history of Jordanian football, and secondly, with this victory, it will guarantee its presence. In the next edition of the Asian Cup.

Al-Nashama and improving the international classification

If the Jordanian national team wins over Tajikistan, it will advance two or three places on the international rankings, which is an important step, as it currently occupies 71st place.

Injuries confuse the Jordanian national team before the Tajikistan match in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers winwin (facebook/JordanFootball)

The Jordanian national team’s ranking has improved greatly after it was recently crowned runner-up in the Asian Cup for the first time in history, as it presented high technical levels and valuable historical victories.

Maintaining stability

Jordan’s victory over Tajikistan means continuing the stability of the star team from a technical standpoint, especially since the loss will destroy its chances of qualifying for the third round, and if it misses it completely, a new technical director may be searched given that reaching the World Cup is considered a main goal and written in the Moroccan contract. Al-Hussein Amouta.

If Jordan loses to Tajikistan, its chance to qualify will disappear, and in the event of a draw, it will be required to achieve a victory over its host Saudi Arabia in the sixth and final round of the qualifiers, so the gains of victory over Tajikistan will be multiple.

Jordan’s opportunity to seize these gains seems very strong, as it is armed with the ground and public personnel, and is superior to its competitor in the confrontations that have brought them together throughout history.

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