Al-Merreikh SC management settles an important issue before the African Champions League

The management of the Sudanese Al-Merreikh club intends to contract a foreign coach, in response to the desires of the club’s large fans recently, as it seeks to resolve the issue before the next edition of the African Champions League.

Reliable sources reported that the Al-Merreikh club management is about to sign a contract with… Foreign coachHe takes over the technical leadership of the first team, with the assistance of the current local coach Ibrahim Hussein “Ibrahim”.

Al-Merreikh management had previously entered into negotiations with a number of coaches, before being shocked by their refusal to work in the country in light of the extremely complex security conditions, as a result of the horrific war that broke out in mid-April 2023.

Administrative fears that Ibrahim will continue during the African Champions League

The management of Al-Merreikh SC showed clear hesitation in assigning the task to coach Ibrahim, as they feared the consequences of early elimination from the African Championship, and thus bearing the consequences of the usual public attack, which could topple the club’s management.

Accordingly, Omar Al-Nimir, the club’s president, began a new search for a coach with specifications that match the club’s current capabilities, in light of the pressure exerted by the fans to contract a foreign technical director, after the countdown began for the new edition of the African Champions League.

Al-Merreikh played a match against Al-Wadi in Tanzania

Al-Merreikh management is waiting for the completion of the loan deal for team star Ahmed Hamed El-Tesh to contract with a foreign technical director, after the management has made its decision.

Ibrahim is an emergency coach at Al-Merreikh SC

Ibrahim is the coach who has worked with the most foreign technical directors at the club, and he was an assistant to eight coaches who trained the team in the last 15 years. The fans also call him the emergency coach, after he took turns training the football team as a technical director more than once.

It is noteworthy that the management of Al-Merreikh SC of Sudan decided to withdraw from the East and Central Championship. Africa CECAFA also withdrew its team from the stadium of its match against Al-Hilal in the Sudanese Super Cup final in Tanzania, due to television broadcasting rights. The team intends to return to the Egyptian capital, Cairo, to continue the experimental camp, in preparation for the African Champions League competition.

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