Al-Merreikh defender threatens to leave and refuses to move to Al-Hilal

Al-Merreikh and Sudanese national team defender Mustafa Karshoum refused to renew his contract with his club, as he is currently studying a number of offers made to him by Arab and African clubs, and is considering leaving during the upcoming summer transfer period.

The club’s board of directors had authorized its former player Amir Mustafa “Karika” to negotiate with Karshoum, and the latter also rejected an attractive offer recently made by the president of Al-Merreikh, which suggests that the player is closer to leaving than staying.

The Al-Merreikh defender, who is classified by experts as the best Sudanese defender in recent years, is close to joining a number of his colleagues who preferred to engage in foreign experiences in light of the cessation of local competitions due to the raging war in the country.

Reliable sources indicated to the website:win win“Al-Merreikh Club assigned its former star, Amir Karika, to negotiate with the player, given the strong relationship he had with the team’s players during his work as managing director of the football team.

The sources revealed that Karshoum told Karika very frankly that his desire was to leave, indicating to him that his period in the stadiums would not exceed 3 years after he reached “31” years, and therefore the failure of his club Al-Merreikh or its early farewell to the next edition of the African Champions League means the end of the tournament. His period as a player.

This comes in light of the cessation of local competitions, the team’s stars staying away from competitive play for more than a full year, and the Al-Merreikh defender’s adherence to his club, and his unwillingness to wear any other shirt if he does not reach an agreement with the foreign clubs that have shown their desire to sign him.

Al-Merreikh defender reassures Karika

According to our sources, Karshoum reassured Karika, and assured him that “he will not change his club’s Al-Merreikh shirt and leave for its rival, Al-Hilal, even if the latter made him an offer three times what Al-Merreikh is offering him, and noted that the latter remains his first choice locally.”

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The same sources revealed that the president of Al-Merreikh Club made an official offer to the player worth “250” thousand dollars, confirming the team’s management’s commitment to his services in return for what he provided in recent years, which gave him the title of the best defender in the country.

There was a great controversy surrounding the Al-Merreikh defender in light of the mass exodus of Sudanese football stars after the cessation of local competitions and doubts about the participation of Sudanese football giants Al-Merreikh and Al-Hilal in the next edition of the African Champions League.

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