Al-Khanous is the most expensive midfielder outside the major European leagues

Promising Moroccan international Bilal Khanous (20 years old) came in first place on the list of the most expensive young midfielders outside the major European leagues, according to the latest study from the International Center for Sports Studies (CIES), in reference to his strong season with the Belgian team Genk.

Al-Khanous topped the list with a market value of 29.5 million euros, after he contributed to his team reaching the final stage of the Belgian League this season, where it eventually ranked fifth with 37 points, while Club Brugge won the title with 50 points.

The statistics issued today, Sunday, June 2, by the International Center for Sports Studies, include midfielders under 21 years old, outside the seven major European leagues, which are English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, and Portuguese.

The most expensive player outside the major leagues

Al-Khanous topped the list with a value of 29.5 million euros, and right behind him was the young English midfielder Archie Gray from the Leeds United team active in the English first division, where Gray’s value has now jumped to 27.4 million euros.

In third place came the talented midfielder Victor Hugo from the Brazilian team Flamengo, worth 24.7 million euros.

What is interesting is that Job Bellingham (18 years old), brother of Real Madrid star Jude Bellingham, came in eighth place with a value of 13 million euros, after his strong season with Sunderland in the English Premier League, scoring 7 goals.

The most expensive midfielders outside the major European leagues (amounts in million euros)
player nationality a team value
Bilal Al-Khanous Moroccan Belgian Genk 29.5
Archie Gray English Leeds English 27.4
Victor Hugo brazilian Brazilian flamingo 24.7
Kendry Buys Ecuadorian Independent Ecuadorian 18.6
Mario Struykens Belgian Belgian Anderlecht 18.6
Maurits Kjaergaard Danish Austrian Salzburg 15.1
Lucas Gorna French Austrian Salzburg 14.3
Jack McLain American Philadelphia American 13.2
Job Bellingham English Sunderland, England 13
Al-Khanous from his participation with Morocco in the 2022 World Cup (mjtnews)

It is known that Al-Khanous is the most expensive player in terms of market value in the Belgian league, and his levels have witnessed remarkable development this season, imposing himself on the table of leading European clubs such as Manchester United of England and Atletico Madrid of Spain.

Al-Khanous has already made his reputation in Belgian football in just two seasons with the first team of Genk. He won the award for the best young player in the competition in 2022, then won the Golden Lion award for the best Maghreb player in the Belgian league in 2023.

Moroccan Shadi Riad, defender of Spanish Real Betis 2023-2024 (Getty)

Al-Khannous is considered a key member of the Moroccan national team’s roster in continental and international tournaments. He participated with them in the 2022 World Cup finals, and played in the 2024 African Cup of Nations in Côte d’Ivoire, and in total he has 12 international matches in all capacities.

What did Al-Khanous provide this season?

Al-Khannous scored 3 goals and provided 8 assists to his teammates for Genk in all tournaments this season.

  • 51 matches
  • 3 goals
  • 8 Assist
  • 4 thousand minutes

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