Al-Jouini announces the composition of the new arbitration administration in Tunisia

Today, Wednesday, May 15, Naji Al-Jouini, General Supervisor of the National Administration of Arbitration in Tunisia, revealed the new composition of his administration, a month and a half before the end of the current football season 2023-24.

Al-Juwaini, who worked in Qatar for many years before returning to Tunisia, is trying to reduce the rate of refereeing errors that have begun to worry those in charge of football affairs in Tunisia after a succession of cases and the large number of protests in a group of matches, which hastened the issuance of a set of penalties in order to contain the situation and reduce the margin of error. The error.

And issued Tunisian Football Federation Recently, a group of referees have been punished with suspensions for periods ranging from two to eight matches, depending on the extent of the errors committed, which range from technical defects to weakness in leading matches.

Over the past months, the federation supervising the first popular game in the country has taken a series of technical measures to keep pace with the training of coaches, technical equipment and players, in addition to developing sports infrastructure. But arbitration workshops are still in dire need of structural procedures, similar to pioneering countries that have succeeded in forming a new generation of referees capable of containing the pressure of matches and attending international events.

Social networking sites were abuzz with much criticism from football followers regarding the reality of arbitration in the Tunisian league championship, as a group of comments called on the federation to enhance competitiveness between referees from the Maghreb countries and their foreign counterparts in order to reduce arbitration errors.

The new composition of the National Arbitration Administration in Tunisia

manager director: Youssef Al-Sarairi.

Senior Assistant Manager in charge of appointments: Yasser Saadallah.

Second Assistant Director in charge of development, training and VAR technology: Murad bin Hamza.

Member charged with coordinating between the professional association, the amateur associations, levels 1 and 2, and the regional associations: Walid Al-Harrak.

Member in charge of administrative, financial and social affairs: Cream Al-Khamiri.

Two members in charge of women’s arbitration: Lilia Abdel-Gawad and Amal Hashad.

Tunisian Ali Maaloul, left back for the Egyptian Al-Ahly team (Getty)

Member in charge of media, communication and international relations: Muhammad bin Hassana

A member in charge of coordinating with the parties involved in “VAR” technology : Yassin Haroush

Member in charge of logistics, supplies and equipment, medical affairs and physical preparation: Muhammad Amin bin Nasser

Members: Al-Hussein Sons of Ahmed – Nasrallah Al-Jawadi – Saif Al-Suwaisi – Osama Rizkallah.

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