Al Hilal striker’s agent reveals the truth about the player’s disappearance in Libya

Complete the club Al-Ahly Tripoli His agreement with the Sudanese Al Hilal Club for the transfer of his striker John Manu after the end of his loan period at the Libyan Friendship Club, and Maysar Majzoub, the player’s agent, revealed the truth about the latter’s disappearance, which was widely reported by Sudanese media today, Sunday, June 9.

Maysar Majzoub, the player’s agent, John Manu, confirmed that Al-Ahly Benghazi club successfully completed the player’s final transfer deal today, Sunday, June 9, stressing that a violent conflict took place between the leading clubs in the Libyan league, which are Al-Ahly Tripoli, Al-Nasr, and Al-Ahly Benghazi.

He spoke in exclusive statements to the website:win win” saying: “The Libyan clubs intensified their contacts with Al-Hilal Club recently, and submitted an official offer to win the signature of John Manu, after his good appearance with his team Al-Sadaqa,” and Messer added: “The Sudanese club did not reject the offers of the Libyan clubs, and waited for the best offer, and Al-Ahly Benghazi Club officially obtained the player’s services today, Sunday.” “.

Majzoub reveals the truth about the disappearance of the former Al Hilal striker

Maysar Majzoub revealed the truth about John Manu’s disappearance, which was circulated by the Sudanese media today, Sunday, and was also covered by social media platforms, saying: “The player turned off his phone all last night in agreement with Al-Ahly Benghazi club until his transfer deal was officially completed,” adding, saying: “The player communicated hours ago.” “Have a few moments with his family and loved ones and reassured them of his safety.”

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It is noteworthy that Manu, the Al Hilal striker, completed a year and a half with his club, and moved to the Libyan Al-Sadaqa Club on loan for a period of 6 months after the outbreak of war in the country in mid-April 2023, and left to experience an experience with the Libyan Al-Sadaqa Club alongside a large number of Sudanese players.

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