Al Hilal crowned champion of the Sudanese Super League after Al-Merreikh’s withdrawal

crowned Crescent moon Champion of the Sudanese Super League after Al-Merreikh withdrew from the match stadium, due to the television broadcast crisis, at the end of the tournament today, Sunday, June 30, in Tanzania.

The Sudanese Football Association crowned Al-Hilal as Super Champions, after Al-Merreikh officially withdrew from the match in a dramatic manner, following exciting events in the Tanzanian capital, Dar es Salaam, after the two teams actually arrived at the match stadium.

The two teams warmed up before the start of the match, before the Al-Merreikh administration asked the players to leave the field, after stipulating that the Football Association withdraw the television cameras from the field.

After the exit of the Al-Merreikh players, Tariq Atta Saleh, head of the competitions committee, led intensive phone calls with the union officials present in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, so that the cameras were actually removed, and the Al-Merreikh management refused to play the match, and the team headed to its residence, so the Football Association crowned Al-Hilal Club as the champion of the Sudanese Super League in the first local competition held outside the country.

Al-Merreikh withdraws from the Super Cup match against Al-Hilal

Al-Merreikh’s management had threatened to withdraw from the match, after the Football Association granted the broadcasting rights to Al-Hilal Club’s platform, and Al-Merreikh demanded its rights from the television broadcast revenue, after a prior agreement in recent years to grant the broadcasting rights to the Sudanese Al-Malaeb satellite channel.

Yesterday, Saturday, Omar Al-Nimir, the club’s president, directed the club’s administrative mission to withdraw the football team if an agreement was not reached with the Football Association regarding the television broadcast revenue, according to what was published on the website. win win.

Al-Merreikh Club abandons its goalkeeper, Mohamed Al-Mustafa

Al-Hilal won the title of the first local competition under the name of the Super Cup, after the team had achieved a landslide victory over the Al-Wadi district of Nyala with a score of 1-7 in the opening round, before winning the title after Al-Merreikh officially withdrew from the match stadium on Sunday, and the Sudanese Football Association had established The tournament in Tanzania, due to the bloody war that broke out in the country in mid-April 2023.

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