Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr.. Who is the best among the stars of the two teams before the summit?

The clash between… Crescent moon And Al-Nasr in the 2023-24 season, where the two teams will meet for the fourth time this season, after 3 previous matches between them in the current season.

Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr previously faced off in the first round of the competition Dora Roshandrawing the fifteenth round, in addition to the semi-finals of the Saudi Super Cup, as well as the Riyadh Season Cup.

Al-Alamy did not succeed in achieving any victory over Al-Zaeem in the 2023-24 season, as he tasted the bitterness of loss in his three matches, as he was defeated (3-0) in the first round match, in addition to the Super Cup semi-final (2-1), and was also defeated (2-0). ) in the Riyadh Season Cup.

Yellow Capital is looking for its first victory over Al Hilal this season, and its first since last August, when it was victorious in the final of the Arab Championship “King Salman Cup for Champions Clubs” with two goals to one, and reviews “win winIn the following lines: The best among the stars of Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr before the summit.

Who is the best among the stars of Al-Hilal and Al-Nasr?

David Ospina VS Yacine Bounou

Moroccan imposition Yassin BonoHe himself is the undisputed number one goalkeeper within the ranks of Al-Zaeem, and he succeeded thanks to his saves and his agile ability to deal with opponents’ shots quickly, which led to him coming out with a clean sheet in 15 matches in the Saudi League. Bono participated in 42 matches and conceded 27 goals, and kept a clean sheet in 20 matches with a total of 3735 minutes in all competitions.

Al Hilal Yassin Bounou Saudi League Roshen (Twitter/ Al Hilal) One Win Winwin

While on the other hand, David Ospina is now playing as a starter, unlike the beginning of the season, after recovering from injury, as Al-Tawfiq played a role in his return to playing as a starter after Nawaf Al-Aqidi was suspended. He participated in 12 matches and conceded 11 goals, while leaving with clean sheets in 5 matches.

Ali Al-Bulaihi VS Aymeric Laporte

Proved Ali Al-Bulaihi He himself is one of the best defenders in the Saudi League this season, despite his advanced age, as he is 34 years old, he showed a high level, and with his participation as a starter, Al-Zaeem only conceded 28 goals in 46 matches in various competitions, and he came out with a clean sheet in 22 matches with a success rate. 48%, while he contributed to four goals, scoring 3 and making one goal.

As for Al-Nasr, Aymeric Laporte suffered at the beginning of his season with Al-Alamy, but he regained the brilliance he had shown with Manchester City before, and participated in 40 matches in various competitions, and on the defensive level, Al-Alamy conceded 40 goals in the 40 matches he played, while he contributed His team left with a clean sheet in 14 matches, with a total of 3,339 minutes.

Marcelo Brozovic VS Ruben Neves

From the center of defense to the defensive midfield, Neves’ defensive contributions so far have been the cornerstone of the leader’s success. His performance does not depend only on winning the ball in the midfield, but he also excels in distributing the ball to his teammates, and his passes help in launching quick attacks.

In total this season, Ruben Neves participated in 47 matches in various competitions, including 30 matches in the Saudi Roshan League, and during the 30 matches, he helped Al-Zaeem score clean sheets in 14 matches, while Al-Hilal conceded 17 goals, while on the offensive level, he contributed in 18. A goal, where he scored 7 goals and provided 11 assists.

On the other hand, in Al-Nasr, Croatian Marcelo Brozovic’s performance was no less than Neves, as he participated with Al-Alamy in 39 matches in various competitions, contributed to 15 goals, and was able to score 5 goals and provide 10 assists, while on the defensive level in the Roshen League, he scored Al-Alamy, who was present on the field, scored 29 goals, while keeping the team with a clean sheet in eight matches.

Cristiano Ronaldo VS Mitrovic

On the offensive line, he was Serbian Alexander Mitrovic A merciless executioner of his rivals with Al-Zaeem this season, he was always a threat in front of goal, and he is the focal point of Al-Hilal’s attack, and digitally he contributed 45 goals in only 40 matches in all competitions, by scoring 37 goals and providing eight assists.

Cristiano Ronaldo is looking for rehabilitation against Al Hilal in the Roshen League

For the second year, Cristiano Ronaldo remains a nightmare for defenders in Saudi Arabia, due to his enormous strength, abilities, and accuracy of his shots, which makes him a constant threat in free kicks, and wins aerial duels easily. The Portuguese contributed 54 goals during 41 matches in various competitions, where he was able to score 42 goals. He provided 12 assists.

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