Al Hilal and Al Merreikh refuse official and friendly derby matches

a statement Sudanese Crescent About the reasons for not approving Al-Merreikh’s request to hold a friendly match between them in Tanzania, a rejection that came only hours after the latter withdrew from the derby match at the end of the Sudanese Super Cup, so the crisis of matches between Al-Hilal and Al-Merreikh clubs continues on both the official and friendly levels.

The capital team officially apologized to its counterpart Al-Merreikh for not playing a friendly match between the two teams in preparation for the next edition of the African Champions League. The official page of the Blue Club revealed the reasons, justifying this by the crowded schedule of the team’s coach, Florent Abeinfe, which he had prepared in advance for the African Championship matches.

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The extreme fanaticism of the two clubs’ fans, and the fear of the two administrations of the reaction in the event of a loss, caused a severe scarcity and rarity of friendly experiences between the two Sudanese giants, as the details of the last confrontation between them date back to the eighties of the last century, after the two clubs’ administrations agreed to hold two matches within one week in the eighties, in which Al-Merreikh won 0-1, while the two teams met in unofficial matches as part of the country’s various celebrations under the direction of the authorities.

Al Hilal and Al Merreikh.. Rejection of friendly and official matches

Withdraw Mars From the derby match against its traditional rival in a confrontation that was scheduled to take place on Sunday, June 30, at the conclusion of the Sudanese Super League, due to the crisis of the television broadcast of the match.

Accordingly, the club management withdrew its team from the match stadium, and stipulated the withdrawal of the television broadcast cameras, while the capital club apologized to its rival for not facing Al-Merreikh in a friendly match due to the team’s busy schedule, which includes its preparations for the African Championship, so the two teams headed to face Al-Wadi Al-Hadid, who are present with them in Tanzania.

It is worth noting that the last derby match between Al Hilal and Al Merreikh was held in the first division of the championship. Sudanese League 2022-2023, and ended in a goalless draw 0-0, so both teams refused the derby match in official and friendly matches recently, after the war that broke out in the country in mid-April 2023 caused the local competitions to be transferred to Tanzania.

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