Al-Faisaly of Jordan renews the contract of its coach, Ahmed Hayel

The management of Al-Faisaly Club of Jordan agreed on Monday evening to renew the contract of the coach. Ahmed Hael To continue his mission as technical director of the football team, during the next season.

The management of Al-Faisaly Club of Jordan had entered into intensive negotiations with Hail, before the two sides disagreed on some conditions, but the negotiations resumed again today, and culminated in the two parties agreeing to renew the contract.

The club management’s desire came Al-Faisaly By renewing Hail’s contract after the great level the team presented during the second leg of the Professional League, where it did not suffer any losses, although in the end it settled in second place behind Al-Hussein Irbid, which it advanced by two points.

Why Ahmed Hail?

Al-Faisaly Club management reiterated that Hail has the technical capabilities that qualify him to continue with the team, and there is also a public desire to renew his contract.

Hale presented himself strongly in the world of training, where he succeeded in developing the team’s overall performance after a difficult period, succeeding in recording a perfect appearance in the second leg of the professional league.

Amin Al-Shananiyah, the Jordanian star of Al-Faisaly

Hail is known for his ability to read his opponents’ cards well and is good at managing matches. He also has a calm personality that is appreciated by the team’s players.

What is required of Hale after his continued work in Al-Faisaly of Jordan?

Al-Faisaly team ended last season in a way that did not please its fans, as the team only won the Federation Shield Championship.
Al-Faisaly is one of the clubs accustomed to winning titles, the most important of which is determining the league and Jordan Cup championships, so the next goal will be to regain these two titles specifically, in a way that guarantees the team participation in foreign tournaments.

The Al-Faisaly team will not participate externally in the next stage, as it will represent Jordanian football in the AFC Champions League 2, the Al-Hussein Irbid team, the “league champion,” and Al-Wehdat, the “Jordan Cup champion.”

Al-Faisaly’s non-participation in any external tournament will give the technical staff, led by Hail, more time to think about returning to the podiums in local tournaments.

Hail will likely maintain his technical staff, which includes Moayed Abu Kashk as general coach, Khaled Lafi as assistant coach, and Amer Shafi’ as goalkeeper coach.

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