Al-Duhail of Qatar announces its contract with Philippe Coutinho

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Al-Duhail Qatari club announced today, Friday, its contract with Brazilian star Philippe Coutinho, coming from English club Aston Villa, during the current summer transfer window of 2023.

Al-Duhail’s official account wrote on the Twitter social networking platform: “Seleção star Coutinho Dahlawi.”

Al-Duhail confirmed, in an official statement, that his contract with Coutinho came in the form of a loan extending for one season, without clarifying whether the contract included a condition allowing the final purchase or not.

Al-Duhail added in his statement: “Coutinho is one of the distinguished players after he succeeded in making his mark during his previous professional experiences, and his joining the team is a great addition before entering the AFC Champions League competitions.”


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