Al-Ahly rested 4 days of training with a decree from Yasla

Yasla, Al-Ahly Saudi coach

Sport 360 – German Matthias Jaisse has been appointed coach of the first football team Saudi Al-Ahly ClubThe team’s players were given a four-day rest during the ongoing international break in September.

Al-Ahly returns to training on Tuesday

The rest period for Al-Ahly players begins today, Friday, and the team will resume its preparations next Tuesday, according to what the club’s media center stated through its account on the social networking site “X” this Friday evening.

Al-Ahly team is preparing to face its counterpart, Al-Taawoun, during the match that will be held at nine in the evening on Saturday, September 16, as part of the sixth round of the Championship. Saudi Roshan League.

Press reports stated that coach Yaysla requested to play a friendly match or two matches during the suspension period of the current Saudi Roshan League tournament, which continues until September 13, so that Al-Ahly players who did not join their country’s national teams would not lose the sensitivity of the matches.

It is worth noting that Al-Ahly team ranks fourth in the Saudi Roshen League standings table, with 12 points, by winning 4 matches and losing one match.

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