Al-Ahly or Pyramids.. Who has the stronger attack?

It can be said that no one is able to stop Al-Ahly and Pyramids in their competition for the Egyptian League title, and resolving the clash between them is left to them in two heavyweight confrontations that can be described as the championship final; the first next Friday, and the second in just 10 days.

Leaders Pyramids and Al Ahly continued their winning streak, which reached 14 and 12 consecutive victories in the Egyptian Premier League, with their wins over Al Ittihad Alexandria 4-0 and Tala’ea El Gaish 2-0, in the 30th round.

The anticipated match is part of the 14th round of the competition next Friday, and represents an important milestone for Pyramids in order to win the Egyptian League title; as it occupies the top of the standings with 68 points from 27 matches played, while Al-Ahly comes in second place with 57 points from only 23 matches played.

The two teams are the least likely to suffer defeats this season, as Pyramids lost only one match, which was against Ceramica Cleopatra in the sixth round, while Al-Ahly lost two matches, which were against Zamalek and Al-Bank Al-Ahly in the first round.

Who has a stronger attack, Al-Ahly or Pyramids?

Al-Ahly and Pyramids have the best attack in the league due to the presence of the best wingers in both teams. The Red Devils have the best attack with 54 goals, including two goals against Zamalek, compared to 49 goals for Pyramids.

The strength of coach Marcel Koller’s team is evident – according to expected goals – as it was expected to score only 37 goals, but it scored 52 (without Zamalek’s two goals), scoring 15 goals above expectations, which is the highest margin in the Egyptian league, compared to 49 goals for Pyramids, which should have scored only 40 goals, so it scored 9 goals above expectations.

But there is a difference in creating opportunities for Pyramids, whose players created 337 opportunities compared to 273 opportunities for Al-Ahly, at a rate of 12.4 opportunities per match, compared to 11.8 opportunities for Al-Ahly per match.

the team Matches Goals Creating opportunities Shots on goal Expected goals Shooting accuracy Payment conversion rate Touches inside the opponent’s area
Al-Ahly 23 54 273 122 37 46% 15% 589
Pyramids 27 49 337 145 40 43% 12% 754

There is another special number for Pyramids; its players shot 145 balls at the opponents’ goal (the highest number in the Egyptian league so far), while Al-Ahly shot 122 shots at the opponents’ goal (third place among the league’s clubs).

The African Champions League title holder excels in shooting accuracy, which reached 46% compared to 43% for Pyramids, and the Red Devils also excel in converting shots into goals, with a rate of 15% compared to only 12% for Pyramids.

In the end, Pyramids players touched the ball 754 times inside the opponent’s penalty area, which is the highest number in the Egyptian league so far, compared to 589 touches for Al-Ahly inside the opponent’s penalty area.

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