Al-Aboud breaks his silence regarding his freeze with Al-Ittihad

Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud – Al-Ittihad Club – Saudi League

Sport 360 – Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud, the winger of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club, broke his silence regarding his freeze by the Portuguese Nuno Santo, the team’s coach throughout the past period.

Al-Aboud talks about his exclusion in Al-Ittihad

Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud wrote, through his Snapchat account, according to the “Al-Midan” website: After the end of the registration period and after a long silence, out of respect for the entity, my contract, and my love for the Dean’s fans, I hoped that the situation would be better than it was, especially in the issue of neglect and deportation, for which I do not know what the reasons are. Until now”.

Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud, a winger of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club, continued: “I waited for movement and fairness, but unfortunately there was no response or communication, and this is the case.”

The Portuguese Nuno Santo, coach of the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club, excluded Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud from his accounts during the last period and requested that the player not continue and leave during the current summer transfer period, but the player did not leave.

Press reports say that the Al-Ittihad club management is trying to bring the points of view closer between Nuno Santo and Abdul Rahman Al-Aboud in order for the player to return to the team’s roster in the coming period.

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