Al-Abdi with the best.. Evaluation of Tunisian players on the night of the victory against Botswana

The team succeeded Tunisia In achieving an easy victory against his Botswana counterpart, with a score of (3-0), in the match that brought them together on Thursday night, within the sixth (final) round of competitions, of African Cup of Nations qualifiers “Côte d’Ivoire 2023 +1”.

Alvord Velvais gave Tunisia the first goal after he missed his own net with a close header shot into the net in the 60th minute. Then Youssef Msakni added the second goal with a perfect header in the 82nd minute of the match, and Msakni returned in the 90th minute to score the third. The Carthage Eagles team raised its score of points to 13, while the score was frozen Botswana At the fourth point, the Equatorial Guinea national team ranks second with 13 points, while Libya is at the bottom of the tenth group and has 4 points on par with Botswana.

The Tunisian national team will face the Egyptian national team on September 12 in Cairo as part of a friendly match in preparation for the continental battle in Côte d’Ivoire early next year.

According to the “sofa score” evaluation, it won Youssef Al-Maskani He had the highest rating among the Tunisian players against Botswana, by obtaining a rating of 8.5 out of 10, while the lowest rating among all the main players was 6.5 for Omar Layouni.

A group photo of the Tunisian national team preceding its victory against Botswana for the African Cup of Nations qualifiers (Facebook/FTF) Winwin winwin

Rating of Tunisian players against Botswana

Ayman Dahman: 6.9

Yassin Meriah: 7.6

Montaser Talbi: 7.6

Yan Valéry: 6.9

Ali Al-Abedi: 8.1

Elias Al-Sakhiri: 7.6

Issa Al-Aidouni: 6.8

Hannibal al-Majbari: 7.4

Al-Ayouni’s age: 6.5

Saif Allah Latif: 6.6

Haitham Al-Juwaini: 7.4

Hamza Rafia: 7.4 (substitute)

Youssef Al-Maskani: 8.5 (substitute)

Muhammad Ali bin Ramadan: 6.6 (substitute)

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