Ahmed Refaat and Mohie.. Tragic incidents in the history of Egyptian football

Ahmed Refaat, a player for the Egyptian national team and the Egyptian Modern Sport team, passed away yesterday morning, Saturday, at the age of 31, nearly 4 months after suffering a heart attack during his team’s match against Al-Ittihad Alexandria in the Egyptian Premier League, bringing to mind tragic incidents in the history of Egyptian football.

Rafat departed our world after returning from “death” following his heart stopping for an hour and a half, to clarify that there is no clear medical reason for what happened to him, but he may have been a victim of “broken heart syndrome”, after being exposed to severe pressures that no one else has been exposed to, according to him, during his appearance on a television program days before his passing.

The passing of Ahmed Refaat shook Egyptian football since the news was announced, and its repercussions will continue until everyone who directly or indirectly caused his grief, which later led to his death, is identified.

Tragic incidents in the history of Egyptian football before the death of Ahmed Refaat

The death of Ahmed Refaat brought to mind tragic incidents in the history of Egyptian football, the most prominent of which was the death of the late Mohamed Abdel Wahab, the former left-back of Al-Ahly Club and the Egyptian national team.

Abdul Wahab died on August 31, 2006, at the age of 23. The player was at the peak of his career, but he passed away during his club’s training without any contact after suffering a heart attack. Attempts to save him failed, as he had arrived at the hospital before leaving our world.

The second tragic incident in the history of Egyptian football occurred on December 28, 2014, when Youssef Mohie, a player for Al-Ittihad Alexandria who was on loan from Zamalek at the time, died of severe injuries after being involved in a traffic accident.

Mohie died at the age of 19, while his colleague Mahmoud Khaled Sheika, a former Zamalek player, who was in the same car with him during the accident, survived, as he sustained several injuries.

Another case was that of Mohamed Farouk, known as “Benzema,” who also suffered a heart attack during a match with his friends in his hometown in Minya Governorate, on Friday, June 29, 2018.

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Farouk played for several clubs, most notably Al-Ittihad Alexandria and Haras El-Hodoud, before leaving at the age of 28.

On November 11, 2019, Alaa Ali, a former player for Zamalek, Petrojet, Al-Masry, Wadi Degla and Smouha, passed away at the age of 31, as he was suffering from a brain tumor.

Alaa Ali underwent surgery to remove the tumor, then underwent radiation therapy, but later died of cardiac arrest.

In December 2021, Adham El-Selhadar, a former Ismaili player and coach of Al-Majd Al-Iskandari at the time, died after suffering a heart attack, following his team scoring a goal minutes before the end of a match, in the Second Division League.

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