After Rayyan Chergui, the Algerian national team received a new blow from Thierry Henry

The Algerian national team received a new blow from Terry Henrythe coach of the French U-23 national team, regarding his plans related to attracting promising dual nationality players to strengthen the ranks of the “Warriors” in the coming period, when he decided the fate of one of the most prominent goals of the Algerian Football Federation in the coming period.

The FAF plans to include an elite group of promising players with dual nationality, at an early age, to block the way for other teams to recruit them and kidnap them from the Algerian national team, in a new strategy from the local Football Association, which consists of taking proactive steps to kidnap talents early, before they become stars from the Algerian national team. First grade, and then the task of convincing them becomes very difficult.

A private source confirmed towin win“At the beginning of this month, the Algerian Federation guaranteed the services of promising players, including the star of the French club Olympique Lyonnais, Rayan Cherki, and the Monaco star, Magnas Akliouche, indicating that the players will be available for the options of the technical director, Vladimir Petkovic, starting with the Algerian national team camp in the month of September. Next September, despite Charki’s presence on the French U-23 national team’s roster to participate in the 2024 Paris Olympics, this will not hinder him from playing with “The greens“.

The Algerian national team and Henry’s new shock

The Under-23 “Blue” coach decided on the future of the English Crystal Palace star, Michael OliseHe has Algerian and Nigerian origins, is of French nationality, and is English by birth, regarding the team whose colors he aims to carry, which is the one that can play for one of four teams, which are Algeria, Nigeria, England, and France.

Olise (22 years old), of Algerian origin on his mother’s side, has been part of the plans of the Algerian Football Federation in the recent period, and his family was spoken to about carrying the Algerian first team jersey, but he did not respond definitively regarding this offer, and preferred to wait until after the 2024 Paris Olympics. Before Thierry Henry decided his international future with a shocking statement to the Algerians.

Henry, the former Arsenal legend, said in a press conference regarding Olise, who is a candidate to move to Chelsea this summer: “We know that he has a good number of selection potential (England, Algeria, France, Nigeria). He has shown that he wants to play for the French national team. It must be emphasized.” “He could have made another option that might have even allowed him to play in the European Championship with England, but he wants to play for France. He chose us, knowing that he would not go to the Euros.”

Michael Olise, Crystal Palace player (X- DZFOOTBALLDZ)

He added: “What he is doing in the English Premier League… If he had not been injured, he would have been able to score 15 goals and provide 15 assists. He has this quality. He is a player with tremendous skills, and it is better to have a player like him in France,” which is a statement that It ends once and for all the dream of the Algerian fans of seeing this promising player in the Algerian national team jersey, especially after he published a picture of him on his account on the “X” platform, and he is proud of his presence with the “Roosters” camp.

Henry shocked the Algerians by summoning an Oriental

A few days ago, Henry summoned the owner of Algerian origins, Rayan Chergui, to participate in the preparatory camp before participating in the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, after excluding him from his initial list, given some of the absences that affected his preparatory plans.

Henry’s summoning of the Lyon player came to spoil the plans of President Walid Sadi’s office, which seeks to persuade the player to carry the Algeria national team jersey in the coming period, especially since private sources for the website “win winShe had indicated that the Federation President had obtained the approval of two players to join the Greens, namely Rayan Chergui and Magnas Akliouch.

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