After promoting Petkovic’s resignation, the Algerian Federation condemns and threatens

The Algerian Football Federation condemned the… Official statement The news was promoted by activists on social media, stating that Swiss coach Vladimir Petkovic, the first team coach, had resigned from his position.

A fake statement was published by an activist on social media this evening, through an account bearing the same name as the account of the President of the Algerian Football Federation, Walid Sadi, and the document was widely circulated by activists, in a move that the federation considered a blow to its stability.

There was no news of a bad relationship or misunderstanding between Algerian Football Federation officials and coach Petkovic, especially since the latter led the camp. Desert warriors The latter, and things went well, while he is currently focusing on preparing the next camp, scheduled for next September.

The Algerian Federation condemns the publication of the news of Petkovic’s resignation

The Algerian Football Federation condemns the unfortunate defamation campaign directed against the national team, whose owners use fake accounts on social media networks to carry out their tendentious propaganda for hidden purposes,” said the “FAF” statement, which was published on the official website.

The statement continued: “At a time when the national team began to gradually regain its stability and performance, it seems that this did not please some circles known for their irresponsible behavior and attempts to destabilize the situation. The Algerian Football Federation confirms to fans and supporters of the national team that the technical staff led by national coach Vladimir Petkovic enjoys the confidence of the federation.” “And will continue to support him until the set goals are achieved.”

Muhammad Al-Amin Ammoura

FAF did not stop there, but confirmed that it would take the necessary legal measures to prosecute the owner of the fake account that published the forged statement, in order to stop these actions that would harm the reputation of the Algerian national team and the Football Association in general.

What is the truth about Petkovic’s resignation from coaching the Algerian national team?

Swiss coach Petkovic is still in his position as coach of the Algerian first team as usual, and he did not submit his resignation as some social media activists claimed, and this was confirmed by the Algerian Football Federation via Official statement.

The former Swiss national team coach joined the Algerian national team in February 2024, succeeding Djamel Belmadi, whose duties were terminated. Since assuming his position, Petkovic has led the Greens in 4 matches, two matches against Bolivia (3-2 win) and South Africa (3-3). ) and two official matches against Guinea (1-2 loss) and Uganda (2-1 win).

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