After Marcel Koller’s statements, Cairo Stadium shocks Al-Ahly

Walid Abdel Wahab, Chairman of the Cairo International Stadium Authority, expressed his dissatisfaction with the statements of Swiss coach Marcel Koller, the technical director of Al-Ahly, regarding the stadium, after his team’s match against Tala’ea El-Gaish in Egyptian Premier League.

Walid Abdel Wahab also expressed – in radio statements – his refusal to host the match. Al-Ahly And Pyramids next because of the technical director’s statements.

In turn, he continued win win With Walid Abdel Wahab, who said: “We sent an official letter to Al-Ahly Club and the stadium’s board of directors, headed by Dr. Ashraf Sobhi, Minister of Youth and Sports, refusing to host the match, and the final decision is up to them regarding holding the Al-Ahly and Pyramids match.”

He added: “The technical director insulted the stadium, and the workers in the stadium are currently refusing to work and go down to the field, in protest against Marcel Koller’s statements.” He pointed out: “We are waiting for the matches of the current season to start maintenance work in preparation for the next season, and then the stadium is insulted.”

He continued: “Many parties from Al-Ahly Club contacted me to resolve the crisis and clarify the matter, but I decided to postpone the matter to the entire stadium board of directors,” and concluded: “A meeting will be held now for the Cairo Stadium board of directors to take the appropriate decision based on the opinions of all board members, and we will announce the final decision after the meeting ends.”

What did Marcel Koller say about Cairo Stadium?

Kohler said in statements at the press conference, after the match against Tala’ea El-Gaish: “We fought to play all the team’s matches at Cairo Stadium, but the condition of the pitch has become very bad. I don’t know if the engineers are not repairing it or what? But I am sad that Cairo Stadium has reached this state.”

Marcel Koller, coach of Al-Ahly of Egypt

Al-Ahly club is scheduled to face its counterpart, the team PyramidsNext Friday evening, in a postponed match from the 14th round of the Egyptian Premier League.

It is noteworthy that reports spread in the last minutes, indicating that the closest decision to be taken is to hold the match – as scheduled – at Cairo Stadium, and that the stadium will be closed starting from July 26th, until August 8th, to carry out some maintenance work.

This means that Al-Ahly will not be able to play its matches at the international stadium during the maintenance period, which represents a severe blow to the Cairo giant, which prefers to play at the famous stadium.

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