Afraid of losing his star… Mercato rumors are worrying coach Petkovic

The Belgian Saint-Geloise club player, the Spanish Cameron Puertas, admitted that his Algerian international teammate, Mohamed El-Amine Amoura, is in a complicated and uncomfortable situation due to the decline in his scoring numbers and technical levels in the recent period, compared to the great levels he presented until last February, which made him lead News of the summer Mercato on the Old Continent did not worry Algeria coach Vladimir Petkovic.

And join Gomorrah (24 years old) joined the Belgian club last August, coming from the Swiss club Lugano in exchange for 4.5 million euros, and he was not late in emerging remarkably with the Saint-Geloise club, where he played with him in a total of 44 matches in various competitions, during which he scored 22 goals and provided 7 goals. He made decisive passes and led him to win the Belgian Cup a few days ago, more than 110 years after the last title.

A worrying decline in the effectiveness and level of Muhammad Al-Amin Ammoura

Amorrah’s levels with Saint-Geloise have declined alarmingly since last February, as he became less effective and less effective in scoring with successive matches, before suffering a facial fracture during the friendly match between Algeria and South Africa last March made his situation more complicated, and that situation was reversed – according to Analysts in Belgium – Saint-Geloise’s chances of being crowned champions of the local league are diminishing before a round of the conclusion of the title stage, after it dominated the league table in its regular season for a very long time.

Ammoura was satisfied with scoring one goal and providing only two assists in 9 matches in the title stage (playoff), which exposed him to some criticism in Belgium, although a certain group defended him, led by his German coach, Alexander Plessin, and his Spanish colleague, Cameron Puertas, who said In media statements: “He is going through a difficult period… He is nervous and anxious and I asked him to be calm and things will improve and he will regain his scoring sense.” Technical decline is not the only reason for Ammoura’s difficult situation. Rather, there is the problem of the summer Mercato.

The summer mercato craze distracted Gomorrah’s focus

Mohamed Ammoura has been in the news of the summer transfer market for months in the five major leagues, as his name has been linked to Liverpool, Tottenham, West Ham and Brighton in England, Olympique Marseille and Lille in France, and Eintracht Frankfurt and Borussia Dortmund in Germany, which affected Ammoura – according to analysts – His focus was distracted, to the point that a coach in Saint-Geloise spoke about the matter and said before the start of the title stage competition that he trusted Gomorrah and his insistence on providing his best with the team until the end of the season.

Algerian Hilal Elaraby Sudanese player of Slovenian Maribor 2023-2024 (X: Maribor)

It is known that the news of the Mercato and its behind-the-scenes often affects the levels of some players, and often takes them out of the competition due to the pressures imposed on them by their clubs, their agents, and even their families, especially Amoura, who found himself only two years after his departure from the Algerian club ES Setif in Switzerland and then Belgium. Before he was requested by the English Premier League, there is talk about the possibility of his deal reaching 30 million euros.

Petkovic is concerned about Amorrah’s situation before the matches between Guinea and Uganda

Petkovic will be concerned with smartly handling the player situation for Amorrah, before he joins camp Algeria national team To participate in the matches between Guinea and Uganda in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers next month, he is one of the fixed options in the “Desert Warriors” team currently, as he will work to prepare him psychologically to overcome this stage and focus on his work with the “Greens” before thinking about his future.

Petkovic had confirmed in previous statements that he is closely following the situation of professional players, and asked them to work hard and work harder with their clubs in order to maintain their position in the Algerian national team, but he is well aware that dealing with the camps that take place at the end of the season and coincide with the opening of the summer transfer market is difficult. Always difficult and troubling from a technical and concentration standpoint.

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