Advanced technology predicts the finalists of the Euro 2024 groups

Advanced technological technology has predicted the qualifiers from the Euro 2024 groups, which will start in a few days in Germany in its historic 17th edition, where 24 teams will compete to win the European Nations Cup, most notably Italy, the defending champion, and runner-up England.

Opta sports statistics platform published Euro 2024 group predictions after supercomputer simulations.

Comprised championship European Nations Cup Of 6 groups, each group includes 4 teams, the winner and runner-up of each group qualify for the final 16, in addition to the 4 best third-placed teams, bringing the quorum of teams in the next round to 16 teams.

In Germany, some teams will try to break historical coffins. For example, Italy will aim to become the first country to retain the cup since Spain did so in the 2008 and 2012 editions, and England is also planning to win the first cup in a major tournament since the 1996 World Cup.

As for Germany, it will try to become the first host country to win the European Nations Cup since France did it in the 1984 edition. But before entering the Euro 2024 finals, we monitor for you the Opta platform’s supercomputer predictions about the group stage qualifiers.

Euro 2024 group results predictions

In the first group, expectations were that the German team was at the top with 7 points, followed by Switzerland in second place with 4 points, with Hungary qualifying in the best third place, where it is expected to score 4 points, but it will finish third after Switzerland on goal difference.

Ranking of the first group in Euro 2024
arrangement Chosen points
1 Germany 7
2 Switzerland 4
3 Hungary 4
4 Scotland 1
Germany is the most likely candidate to top Group A in Euro 2024 (Getty)

In the second group, the technology expects the Spanish team to lead with 5 points, then Italy with 4 points, and in third place is Croatia with 4 points, with the Croats qualifying for the next round thanks to their finishing among the best 4 teams that ranked third.

Ranking of the second group in Euro 20204
arrangement Chosen points
1 Spain 5
2 Italy 4
3 Croatia 4
4 Albania 2

It is expected that the English team will take the lead in Group C with a full score of 9 points, and Denmark will accompany them with 6 points, with the teams of Serbia and Slovenia leaving empty-handed.

Third group standings in Euro 20204
arrangement Chosen points
1 England 9
2 Denmark 6
3 Serbia 3
4 Slovenia 0
The English national team is the most prominent candidate for the Euro 2024 title (Getty)

Just like England, France is likely to occupy the top spot in Group D with a full score, and immediately behind it is the Netherlands with 6 points, while it is believed that Austria will qualify among the best third-place teams with 4 points, with Poland eliminated without points.

Group 4 standings in Euro 20204
arrangement Chosen points
1 France 9
2 Holland 6
3 Austria 4
4 Poland 0

Belgium is expected to follow the example of England and France and achieve 3 victories in the groups, and Ukraine will accompany them with 6 points.

European Nations Cup mock-up "Euro 2024"

With the elimination of both Romania and Slovakia, they occupied third and fourth places with 3 and 0 points.

Group Five standings in Euro 20204
arrangement Chosen points
1 Belgium 9
2 Ukraine 6
3 Romania 3
4 Slovakia 0

In the final group of Euro 2024 groups will be Portuguese national team It is facing a strong competition, as it is expected to score 7 points and qualify as leaders, and Turkey will be accompanied by runner-up with four points, and the Czech Republic is in the top three.

Group Six standings in Euro 20204
arrangement Chosen points
1 Portugal 7
2 Türkiye 4
3 Czech Republic 4
4 Georgia 1

Those who qualify in the best third place in the Euro 2024 groups

4 seats will be awarded to the top 4 teams that ranked third in the Euro 2024 groups, and according to the technology, they will be in favor of Hungary, Croatia, Austria and the Czech Republic.

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