Advanced technological technology predicts the Euro 2024 champion

An advanced technological technique from the Opta statistics platform has predicted the identity of the Euro 2024 champion, which will be launched in Germany in a few days, where 24 teams from the Old Continent will compete to win the 17th historic edition of the competition, most notably Italy, the defending champion, and runner-up England.

Georgia is the only country participating for the first time in the European Nations Cup finals, and it hopes to leave a good mark, led by Napoli star Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, before the big date in the final match of the tournament in the capital, Berlin, on July 14.

Opta’s highly advanced platform technology conducted a 10,000-time simulation of the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament, leading to predictions of the results of the 24 participating teams in terms of reaching the quarter and semi-finals, the final match, and the identity of the champion team.

Who will be the next Euro 2024 champion?

The England national team is the most likely to win European Nations Cup In Germany, with a rate of 19.9%, followed closely by the French team, with a rate of 19.1%.

England and France are the only two teams that crossed the 19% barrier, as the technology predicted that the final scene of the competition would be between the Roosters and the Three Lions, with a preference for the English team to win the title more than France by 0.8%.

Based on technical data, the tournament’s top four is expected to be made up of England, France, Germany and Spain.

Technology reveals the Euro 2024 champion (numbers in percentage)
Chosen Quarter-finals semi final Final Title
England 70 48.2 31.3 19.9
France 69 48.1 30.4 19.1
Germany 58.4 36.5 22.4 12.4
Spain 59.1 32.3 18.5 9.6
Portugal 55.2 33.6 18 9.2
Italy 47.2 23.1 11.4 5
The England national team is expected to be the champion in 2024 according to advanced technology (Getty)

It is expected that the German national team – the owner of the land and hospitality – will reach the quarter-finals with a rate of 58.4%, and to complete its adventure and qualify for the semi-finals with a rate of 36.5%, but the percentage decreases greatly when it reaches the final match, falling to a score of 22.4%.

Still Italy The defending champion has a 5% chance of retaining the European Cup, while Portugal, led by Al-Nasr star Cristiano Ronaldo, has double the chance of Italy, reaching 9.2%, and Spain’s national team’s prediction was slightly higher, at 9.6%.

Technology did not rule out that the Euro 2024 champion would be a team other than those mentioned above, as the Belgium national team’s percentage was 4.7%, led by veterans Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, in a last chance for the golden generation of the Red Devils to win a championship before retiring.

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To a lesser extent, the Danish national team came with 2.2%, followed closely by Croatia, the 2018 World Cup runner-up, with 2%.

Except for that, the percentage of expectations for the rest of the tournament’s teams did not exceed 1.5%. However, these expectations do not always translate into reality, and the best evidence is that Greece won the 2004 edition, and Portugal won the 2016 edition, in completely unexpected surprises.

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