Adnan Hamad retires from training and returns to Iraq on a special mission

Iraqi Adnan Hamad, the former coach of the Jordanian national football team, is spending a special vacation in his country after a long absence during which he was busy at work when he was a player and then a coach.

Adnan Hamad invested his time after the end of his contract with… Jordan national teamWithout receiving any new mission, he visited his city in Iraq, where he recalled his childhood days.

Adnan Hamad from training to the farm

Being away from the stadiums and the burden of training and the pressure of matches, Hamad visited the farm that he was keen to cultivate in his youth, expressing his longing for those days.

Hamad wrote on his Facebook account this evening, Thursday: “Oh my homeland, your soil and your perfume, my homeland… on my farm, which I planted with my own hands 37 years ago in our village in my dear city of Samarra, after an absence of more than 13 years.”

Hamad is considered one of the coaches who enjoys great popularity among the Iraqi and Jordanian fans in light of his achievements in recent years, as he contributed to Al-Nashama’s leadership of the global qualifying round for the 2014 World Cup.

Adnan Hamad confirmed in a previous statement that he was the one who contributed to the establishment of the Jordanian national team, which was recently runner-up in the Asian Cup in the highest historical achievement for Jordanian football.

Hamad also revealed that he contributed to the creation of his country’s Iraqi national team, which was crowned champion of the Asian Cup in 2007, and he also worked to discover more than one player currently active in the ranks. The starchy team.

The Jordanian Federation announces the new logo for the Jordanian football teams: One One winwin facebook/JordanFootball

Hamad returned two seasons ago to lead Jordanian football, where he succeeded in putting it back on the right track after it had retreated backwards during the reign of the Belgian Vital.

The veteran coach waited for his contract with the Jordanian national team to be renewed after this was agreed upon, before he was surprised that the Jordanian Federation ignored him and signed a contract with Moroccan Hussein Amouta.

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