Achraf Hakimi’s betrayal pushes Paris Saint-Germain to move towards a new deal

The uncertainty that dominates Achraf Hakimi’s future forced his French team… Paris Saint-Germain To move and discuss the idea of ​​contracting with the talented Brazilian Pedro Henrique Cardoso de Lima, 17 years old, in order to secure the right-back position in the near future.

The website stated,PsGTalk“Paris Saint-Germain has joined Juventus, Milan, Atalanta, Real Madrid, Eindhoven and Chelsea, which are interested in signing the rising Brazilian player, in light of the London Blues being ahead of the rest of the other clubs in the race to obtain the young Brazilian star.

According to Pedri de Lima’s agent, Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, Milan and other clubs are interested in contracting with the Brazilian jewel, but Chelsea is the only team that has made an official offer in order to obtain his services.

Achraf Hakimi’s possible betrayal pushes Paris Saint-Germain to new plans

Paris Saint-Germain fears possible betrayal from Achraf Hakimi, the candidate to return to… real madrid The Spaniard, during the expected summer Mercato or a year from now, which prompted the French team to move for the talented Brazilian.

Paris Saint-Germain believes that the statements Moroccan defender In which he spoke about his desire to stay in the Princes’ Park, this may change if he receives an official offer from Real Madrid, in order to join his close friend Kylian Mbappe.

It is expected that the value of the De Lima deal will reach 10 million euros, in addition to a number of variables, but the entry of other giant clubs may increase the value of the deal in the next stage.

Achraf Hakimi previously played for Real Madrid

For its part, Real Madrid is planning to re-form the duo of Hakimi and Mbappe in the Real Madrid shirt next season, especially since the two have a special friendship that will push them to success with the Royal Club in various local and European competitions.

Real Madrid believes that Achraf Hakimi is the ideal choice to succeed Dani Carvajal for many reasons, most notably his young age, his great experience in European stadiums, his amazing technical abilities, his close friendship with Kylian Mbappe and his being a former player in the Royal Club.

It is worth noting that Achraf Hakimi has a busy career. Where he played for Real Madrid and won the Champions League title there, then he moved to the German Borussia Dortmund and from there to the Italian Inter Milan, before ending up with Paris Saint-Germain. He also finished fourth with the Moroccan national team in the Qatar 2022 World Cup, as the first Arab team. An African achieves this achievement.

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