A unified message to the public and a special strategy for the Iraqi Olympic coach

The Iraqi Olympic team delegation sent a unified message to the Iraqi fans in Paris ahead of the start of the Olympics in July, while coach Radhi Shenaishil revealed a special strategy he has for dealing with the tournament matches.

The Iraqi Olympic team will participate in the football competitions at the Paris Olympics in Group Two, alongside the teams of Argentina, Morocco and Ukraine.

Shenishil explains his strategy with the Iraqi Olympic team

The national team coach confirmed Radhi Shenishel In media statements upon his arrival at Toulouse International Airport: “Reaching the Paris Olympics is an achievement in itself. A difficult task awaits us in the football competitions; and we have great confidence in the players to give their best.”

He talked about his strategy for dealing with the Olympic matches, saying: “A game plan.” The team It will be flexible and variable and depends on the capabilities and levels of the other teams we will face. The start will be against the Ukrainian team. We have all the details about it, the levels of its players, its style of play and all the tactical matters related to the match.

He continued, saying: “We hope that the Iraqi fans will be a supportive factor for the Olympic team, so that the team can present its best and be able to present the best levels in the tournament. Despite the strength of the competing teams, we trust our players and our fans, from whom we expect to provide all support to us.”

For his part, the administrative director of the Iraqi team, Abdul Jabbar Hashim, said: “The Iraqi Olympic camp in the French city of Toulouse will be the team’s first camp after qualifying for the Olympics, and there will be one match with the Egyptian Olympic team, after which we will head to Lyon to participate in the Olympics.”

He added: “We are counting a lot on the Iraqi fans in France who will come from every direction. After the camp and after all the professional players join, the team will appear in the best possible form. The fans’ support will be a motivator for us and I hope they will continue to support us with all their energy.”

The Iraqi team captain, Zaid Tahseen, confirmed: “The travel was very tiring. We will now begin the real preparation, and we will enter the Olympics in the best possible way. The Toulouse camp will prepare us well. We are also counting on our fans who will be present in force.”

Player Muntadher Mohammed “Kanoush” said: “We are honored to represent Iraq in such a global event and we are very happy to be in France to play in the Olympics. We are eagerly looking forward to achieving results worthy of the name of Iraq. The support of the audience will be a great incentive for us, and we hope to make them happy in this global championship.”

Radhi Shenishel

Finally, player Karrar Mohammed said: “Representing the Iraqi Olympic team is an indescribable feeling. We are here in France to represent more than 40 million people, and this is a great responsibility placed on our shoulders. We hope that the fans will support us to give us confidence in the Olympic matches.”

Iraq is scheduled to start its journey in the Paris Olympics by facing Ukraine on July 24, then facing Argentina on the 27th of the same month, and then facing Morocco on the 30th of the same month.

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