A tragedy shakes Moroccan football.. Two players from Ittihad Tangier drown in the sea

Moroccan football was shaken on Saturday evening by shocking news about the drowning of two players from Ittihad Tangier club at sea. Tangier Union Nicknamed “Knight of the Strait”, it is one of the most prestigious Moroccan clubs, and finished last season in 12th place with 33 points.

The news of the drowning of two players from Ittihad Tangier and an official from the club’s board of directors came as a shock to Moroccan fans, especially since the area where the disaster occurred is considered one of the most difficult maritime areas in northern Morocco.

The drowning incident of Ittihad Tangier players shakes Moroccan football

WinWin learned from a special source that 4 players from Ittihad Tangier Club drowned at sea on Saturday evening. The source explained that four players, two of whom are active with the club’s first team, and two others with the hope team, were lost while entering the sea in a small boat, due to bad weather conditions and strong winds.

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The source pointed out that a player from the first team and another from the hope team were able to survive drowning and swim to the shore despite the long distance, while two others are still missing, along with a club official, awaiting any developments regarding them.

The competent authorities continue their search for the players missing at sea near the coast of the city of M’diq, northern Morocco, in the hope of rescuing them. The Ittihad Tangier Club refuses to reveal the identities of the four players until now, pending administrative procedures.

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