A sudden decision prevents Jordanian clubs from recruiting goalkeepers!

Several sources revealed that the Jordan Football Association will re-activate its decision to prevent Jordanian clubs from recruiting goalkeepers from abroad, starting from the new 2024-25 season.

The ban was in effect for many years, before the Jordanian Football Association decided at the beginning of last season to open the way for Jordanian clubs to recruit goalkeepers from abroad, but it soon reversed its decision.

Shock for Jordanian clubs

The decision came as a surprise to the clubs, especially those preparing to participate in the AFC Champions League 2, as they are interested in strengthening their ranks with experienced goalkeepers, given the importance, sensitivity and rarity of this position, as the goalkeeper is considered half of the team in some matches.

The decision was issued with the opening of the summer transfer market for Jordanian clubs, as the new season will start on August 8 via League ChampionshipWhich confused the calculations of the teams that intended to strengthen their ranks with goalkeepers from abroad.

What is the reason for issuing the decision?

The Jordanian Football Association seeks, by resuming its commitment to the decision to prevent recruiting goalkeepers from abroad, to protect local goalkeepers and give them the opportunity to participate, especially since the number of distinguished goalkeepers in Jordan has begun to decrease with the retirement of a large number of them and the advancement of age of others.

The decision will force clubs to pay more attention to discovering goalkeepers who will serve their teams and national teams in the future, so that the task of graduating new goalkeepers continues.

It has become clear that Jordanian football suffers from a severe shortage of distinguished local goalkeepers, and the clubs’ continued reliance on recruiting goalkeepers from abroad will, over time, empty Jordanian stadiums of local goalkeepers.

After this decision is issued, Jordanian clubs will be forced to contract with local goalkeepers who will receive sufficient and appropriate playing opportunities and gain the required cumulative experience.

Moroccan Jamal Sellami, coach of the Jordanian national football team

The Jordanian Federation’s return from its decision taken last season came after an experiment. Al-Faisaly Club recruited the Lebanese goalkeeper Mahdi Khalil and then the Syrian Ahmed Madania, but did not benefit from them. Rather, it spent money on their contracts to no avail, so the loss was double, financially and technically.

Preventing professionalism from implementing the decision

The Jordanian Football Association’s adoption of this decision and its official implementation must be accompanied by another decision that prohibits Jordanian goalkeepers from playing professionally abroad. Continuing to open the door to professionalism abroad for Jordanian goalkeepers will contribute to reducing their number, which will force Jordanian clubs to ask the local association again to change the decision.

The next few days are expected to witness an extensive discussion about this decision between the Jordanian Federation and the clubs, especially since Jordanian goalkeepers still want to try their hand at professional football abroad.

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