A shocking prediction from Saleh Sudair regarding the chances of the Iraqi national team qualifying for the World Cup

The former Iraqi national team star, who won the 2007 Asian Cup, Saleh Sudair, made a shocking prediction about the chances of the “Mesopotamian Lions” qualifying for the World Cup (Canada, Mexico and the United States) in 2026.

This comes despite the success The Iraqi national team In achieving the full mark in the sixth group of the double Asian qualifiers, after 5 rounds of competition, to secure his place in the 2027 Asian Cup and in the decisive qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup.

Sudair sends a warning message to the Iraqi national team

Sudair said in media statements: “The Iraqi team is currently achieving positive results, and has succeeded in settling at the top of its group in the double Asian qualifiers with 15 points,” noting, “The Iraqi team continues to improve from one match to another under the leadership of Spanish coach Jesus Casas.”

He added: “What is coming for the Iraqi team is very difficult, represented by the decisive qualifiers for the World Cup. The first task has been successfully completed by Iraq, but frankly it was not difficult. I believe that the real test for the Iraqi team is the upcoming qualifiers for the World Cup.”

He continued, saying: There are those who say that the World Cup qualifiers have become easy because 8 teams from Asia have qualified for the World Cup, but I am against this statement, because the rest of the teams in the Asian continent have also developed and have a legitimate right to reach the World Cup, exactly as Iraq desires and dreams.

Jesus Casas in Basra training

He predicted that the Mesopotamian Lions would not succeed in qualifying for the World Cup if they continued at their current level, saying: “The Iraqi team at its current level will not be able to qualify for the World Cup. The Iraqi team needs to develop its levels, and the players must feel responsible and realize that they represent this country,” noting. “The players have the best, and the coach must discover their potential again.”

He pointed out, “The Iraqi fans have great ambitions and visions for the Iraqi national team. I believe that the Iraqi team needs to work, because the development that the country is witnessing must be reflected in Iraqi football as well, so that the Iraqi national team is qualified to play a major tournament like the World Cup.”

He concluded by saying: “I hope everyone does not interfere in the coach’s choices CasasThe Spanish coach knows exactly what he is doing and must avoid expressing unpositive opinions, and I hope they will let the coach work quietly to use his weapons in the best possible way.”

It is noteworthy that the Iraqi national team qualified for the World Cup once in its history, which was in 1986 in the Mexico version.

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