A racist tweet leads the Sudanese street to mock the Romanian national team

Sudanese websites and the sports street showed great mockery of the Romanian national team’s loss to its Dutch counterpart, with a score of (3-0), in the round of 16 of Euro 2024, in response to a tweet with racist connotations that was published by the verified website “Daily Romania”.

The Sudanese fans’ preoccupation with the Al-Hilal and Al-Merreikh derby, in addition to waiting for the result of the Romania and Netherlands match, caused the response to the tweet of the “Daily Romania” website to be postponed, which carried clear racist signals and connotations, after the draw for the round of 16, which placed… Romanian national team In the face of the “mills”.

The Romanian website published a photo of the Dutch national team under the title “We will face the Sudanese national team, we mean the Dutch national team”, referring to a number of dark-skinned players in the “Windmills” team.

Romanian national team is mocked by Al-Merreikh club

The official website of the club responded Mars Sarcastically, after Romania lost to the Netherlands on Tuesday, July 3, he took the opportunity to introduce his Nigerian professional player, Ugo Alorinque, and posted a photo with the title: “How did it go.. Romania Daily?”, in a sarcastic reference to Romania’s loss to the Netherlands. In response to the racist tweet.

Burhan Tia, the former coach of the Sudanese national team, condemned the tweet of the verified account “Daily Romania”, explaining that it carried meaningless racist connotations. He said in a special interview with the website: win win“I think the Romanian website’s tweet reveals sick souls. All heavenly religions and civilized societies fight racism. The standards of excellence in the world are not expressed by skin color.”

“We are happy with the loss of the Romanian national team, and the website that published the hateful tweet caused hostility towards his country’s national team for no reason,” he added. “The world has become an open book, and world championships are widely followed, and there is no reason for that tweet that brought hostility towards the Romanian national team with a meaningless comical act.”

The result of the match between the Netherlands and Romania today in the round of 16 of the European Nations Cup Euro 2024

He concluded by saying: “We wished the Dutch team to win, and I believe that the Sudanese who watched the match against Romania supported and cheered for the Dutch team, which deserved to win.”

It is noteworthy that some Sudanese websites also addressed the racist tweet, and mocked the Romanian national team’s loss to the Netherlands in the round of 16 of Euro 2024.

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