A professional in Germany is close to representing Iraq

He gives Iraqi Football Federationintensive efforts to attract more professional players in Europe to represent Iraq and play for its teams in various age groups.

The Iraqi Federation had recently completed the official papers for Viktoria Köln’s German player Aryan Amin, brother of first team player Youssef Amin, and began moving to complete the papers for a third player from Germany.

Iraq attracts a new player from Germany

Sources told winwin, “The Iraqi Football Association has begun its serious steps to complete the papers of the German Under-17 Heidenheim team player, Marlon Delia Musa, in order to obtain the green light to represent the Iraqi youth national team in the coming period.”

She added, “The player is of Iraqi origin and was born in Germany. He wants to represent his home country’s team, as well as the great desire of his family, which encourages him to represent Iraq and not Germany. This matter encouraged the Iraqi Federation to communicate directly with the player and his family, and things were positive.”

She noted that “direct communications took place between the player and the managing director of the national team Young Nadim Karim, who in the recent period avoided putting pressure on the player, especially since he was young and may be hesitant in making his decisive decision, and after positive indicators were received, the quickest measures will be taken in coordination with the expatriates committee in the Iraqi Federation to complete the player’s papers in the next short period, as the national team hopes “Shabab Al-Iraq included the player before the Asian qualifiers.”

She noted that “Marlon called the players Youssef Amin and his brother Aryan to ask about the general atmosphere in the Iraqi national team, and the duo encouraged him to quickly represent Iraq, especially with the presence of the Iraqi fans supporting every player representing the Iraqi national team, so his papers will be completed within a short period.”

Youssef Nasrawi

Marlon Delia Musa is only 17 years old and was born in the German city of Gieslingen. He is of Iraqi parents. He plays in the center of defense and is also good at playing as a center player in the midfield.

The player previously represented the German club Kochen before moving to Heidenheim in 2019, as his contract extends until June 30, 2025, and it is hoped that he will be promoted to the under-19 youth team in the German club.

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