A private session between Younis Mahmoud and Jesús Casas

It is hoped that the Iraqi national team supervisor, Younis Mahmoud, will hold a special session with the Spanish national team coach, Jesus Casas, in the coming days.

Mahmoud is attending with the Iraqi national team delegation in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta. In preparation for facing the home team and the fans next Thursday in the fifth round of the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup.

An upcoming meeting between Younes Mahmoud and Casas

The sources told winwin, “The Iraqi national team supervisor, Younis Mahmoud, will hold a meeting with the Spanish coach, Jesus Casas, the Iraqi coach, during the next few days in order to clarify his position on not calling up the Norwegian Sandefjord player, Danilo Al-Saad, and the Najaf player, Muhammad Qasim, to the ranks of the Iraqi national team.”

The sources added, “The Iraqi Federation does not have any veto or sanctions on the players, and in general there is no veto on any player who holds Iraqi nationality, so the Federation’s position is with the players, but at the same time the Iraqi Federation does not want to interfere with the work of coach Casas, especially since the latter will not “He absolutely accepts this.”

The sources added, “Younes Mahmoud is very surprised by the news that talks about the imposition of a number of players on the Iraqi national team or on the coach.” Casas Especially since the former international player had moved away from the Iraqi national team in the recent period and was not present on most of the Iraqi national team’s trips outside the country.”

The sources noted that “the player Danilo Al-Saad informed the members of the Expatriates Committee in the Iraqi Federation that he apologizes to the coach and the Iraqi fans for his behavior in the Asian Cup in Qatar 2023, because his behavior in leaving the Iraqi national team delegation came as an angry reaction without thinking about what this decision will cause for the player and his future with the Iraqi Federation.” “.

Jesus Casas prepares to lead the Iraqi national team against Indonesia and Vietnam (Facebook/IFA) One Win winwin

She continued, “The player, Muhammad Qasim, also apologized personally to Coach Casas, as well as to the members of the Iraqi Federation, for what he had done previously, but Coach Casas decided not to think about the players at this stage and to look for other players to strengthen his squad that played in the Asian Cup in Qatar.”

Casas led the Iraqi team to the top of the Group Six standings with a full score in 4 rounds, with 12 points, five points ahead of the runner-up, the Indonesian team.

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