A new photo changes Ismael Bennacer’s reality with Milan

Algerian international, Ismael Bennacer, returned to training with the Italian club Milan with high morale and spirit, which does not reflect the doubts that accompanied his future with the club. The Lombard According to what was reported excessively by the Italian media during the past weeks, in light of the administrative and technical changes that affected Milan Club.

Bennacer (26 years old) went through a difficult season with Milan during the past season due to the repercussions of his serious knee injury that he suffered in May 2023, which forced him to stay away from the stadiums during the first half of the 2023-24 season, and his return was timid in the second half before he regained his brilliance in the last meters of Italian Leauge.

And he was satisfied Algeria national team star He participated in 25 matches in various competitions with the Rossoneri last season, while recording a clear decline in his technical levels compared to what he presented with the Italian club since joining it in the summer of 2019, although analysts understood this due to its connection to his serious injury.

Pressure on Ismail Bennacer because of Saudi Arabia and the Algerian wants to stay

Some parties within the Milan club management had put great pressure on the Algerian international Bennacer, in order to push him to leave the club this summer and move to the Saudi league, in a deal that those parties described as tempting for both the club and the player, based on the fact that Milan would benefit financially and Bennacer would be comfortable playing in a country close to his culture and Islamic upbringing.

On the other hand, other sources indicated that the Algerian national team player is not enthusiastic about moving to Saudi Arabia at the present time, and prefers to continue with Milan in order to respond to his critics, and to confirm that he is still able to play at a high level, and that he has overcome the effects of his serious injury, which is also the opinion of some analysts who support the idea of ​​Bennacer continuing with Milan.

These people believe that letting go of Ismail Bennacer will not be in Milan’s technical interest. Regardless of the possibility of achieving a huge financial gain from transferring the Algerian player to one of the Saudi league clubs, they will lose, according to them, an important card in their technical calculations, given the expectations of the Algerian star regaining his known levels.

A picture proving the interest of the new coach Fonseca in Ben Nasser

The first day witnessed Trainings Milan Club, in the opening of its seasonal preparations, on Monday, July 8, witnessed a distinguished presence of star Ismael Bennacer, who seemed enthusiastic about returning to training and was the most brilliant and eager to prove his abilities during the first training session under the supervision of the new coach, the Portuguese Paulo Fonseca. The Italian media was keen to highlight the relationship between the two men in an expressive manner.

Bennacer appeared in a photo with Fonseca, amidst a conversation between the two men regarding some tactical ideas, according to media reports, in a clear indication of the change in the Algerian player’s fate, as the “Milan Live” website said in a report in this regard: “A few minutes of training with Paulo Fonseca were enough to understand that the direction of the winds in Milan had changed.”

“The Portuguese coach immediately wanted to work with the ball at Milanello. It was very interesting, above all, to see Paulo Fonseca talking to Ismael Bennacer,” he added. “The Algerian seemed determined and eager to make up for lost time last year, when he did not shine due to a serious injury that kept him out for several months.” “These are just impressions, of course, but Bennacer seemed to be among the fittest players and the most eager to confirm his readiness.”

Algerian League

“The former Empoli player will definitely be at the heart of Paulo Fonseca’s plans, especially at the start of the new season,” the same source continued. “Tijani Reinders’ participation in the Euros with the Netherlands will mean he will miss the opening of next season, so the keys to the midfield will be handed over to the Algerian player, and today we understood that immediately through Fonseca’s interest in him,” he concluded. “Perhaps Ismael Bennacer was sold too early by the media and fans.”

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