A new escalation by clubs in the Premier League against state ownership of clubs

A newspaper report said,The GuardianBritish, today, Thursday, that there are English Premier League clubs that have asked the English government to prevent countries from owning football teams in England.

The newspaper said that this news came at a time when the British government confirmed the approaching establishment of an independent regulatory body for football when the Parliament’s agenda allows it.

An individual request from clubs to prevent international ownership

This request represents a new escalation from some clubs Premier League Al-Mumtaz, which began its actions in this regard last February under the name “White paper“, to put pressure on the government regarding state ownership of clubs.

The tasks of the independent body will be to assess the suitability of potential owners and managers, as the government confirmed that its consultation process revealed support for the “ethics and integrity” element within any ODT test, and that “some stakeholders suggest that these tests should limit From state ownership of clubs.

The English Premier League did not mention state ownership when it updated its ethics and integrity test earlier this summer, showing the clear division between the league and some of its affiliates following the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) takeover of Newcastle United.

English club Newcastle United

The report indicated that the final terms of the ethics and integrity organization are expected to be confirmed to the regulatory body in the coming months, as the government said in its summary report that it will look into the scope of the institutional structures behind the clubs, including complex ownership structures, shares and private funds, and sovereign wealth funds. and fan-owned clubs.

It is worth noting that the Saudi Public Investment Fund has acquired ownership of the club Newcastle United in October 2021 for £305 million.

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