A Moroccan player helped the Guinea national team win against Algeria.. What is the story?

Yasser Baldi, defender of the Guinea national football team, stole the spotlight during the match against Algeria, on Thursday, June 6, in the third round of the 2026 World Cup qualifiers, not only by his contribution to his country’s important victory by two goals to one, and his success in thwarting all the attackers’ attempts. Algeria national teamBut also through his speech to the Algerian media in Arabic, and his behavior with the Algerian fans present at Nelson Mandela Stadium.

Although Baldi scored an own goal in the 52nd minute due to the difficulty of his situation, after Benrahma’s ball rebounded from the horizontal crossbar, he was a strong defensive card in the “Seili” national team, and he stood equal to his colleagues in Bounedjah and Gomorra, and he is the one who is fluent in the Arabic language by virtue of his origins. Moroccan and his family relations with the Algerians.

Baldi’s statements in Arabic received unparalleled interaction on various social media platforms, including Algerians, who shared videos of Yasser Baldi in the mixed zone, after the end of the Algeria-Guinea meeting.

Baldi’s mother is Moroccan, but he chose to play for the Guinea national team

Yasser Baldi was born on January 12, 1993 in France to a Guinean father and a Moroccan mother. He has strong relations with members of the Algerian community in France, and this relationship reached the point of his brother marrying an Algerian woman, and his sister marrying an Algerian, all of which made him speak the Arabic language fluently.

The defender of the French club Stade Lavalois has a good relationship with some Algerian players, specifically both of the current Mouloudia Algiers stars, Zakaria Naaji and Hamza Mwalli, when they played alongside him at the Stade Lavalois club.

The burly defender chose to play with the Guinea national team only last March, where he played only his third match with the coach, Kaba Diawara’s Cubs, when he faced the Algerian national team at Nelson Mandela Stadium, in which he stole the spotlight with his wonderful behavior with the Algerian fans, who responded to him in kind. also.

Baldi: That’s why I’m good at speaking Arabic and the Algerians are amazing

The strong defender did not hesitate to speak in Arabic to the Algerian media after the end of the match between Algeria and Guinea, and revealed the secret of his mastery of the Arabic language, saying: “My brother is married to an Algerian woman and my sister is also married to an Algerian, and my mother is Moroccan, and that is why I am fluent in speaking Arabic.”

Yasser Baldi (31 years old) continued his speech with a broad smile that highlighted his comfort with the Algerians, and stated: “I also have a good relationship with some Algerian players. I played with both Zakaria Naaji and Hamza Mwalli (currently the stars of the Mouloudia Club of Algiers), at the Stade Lavallois club,” and he added. “Naiji and Mwale are close friends of mine.”

Algeria national football team players

The Guinea national team defender, who is of Moroccan origin, spoke about the special treatment he received from the Algerian fans, saying: “My cousins ​​traveled from Marseille to Algeria specifically to watch the match and encourage me, and the response of the Algerian fans to me was wonderful, and that is why I decided to give my shirt to one of the fans.”

He added: “At the beginning of the match, the fans whistled at me, and this is normal, but at the end of the match, everyone applauded Ali, and this is confirmation of the splendor of the Algerian fans.”

Baldi reveals the issue of his approach to playing for Mouloudia Algiers

Yasser Baldi admitted that he was very close to joining the Mouloudia Algiers club during the last summer transfer period, had the deal not failed at the last minute due to the problem of “players’ agents,” as he put it, without giving full details regarding the matter.

He stated in this regard: “I was close to signing MC Algeria Last summer, after Zakaria Naaji and Hamza Mawali joined the team, adding: “The problem that prevented the completion of the deal was related to the problem of players’ agents. You know what is happening in this field, and I cannot give more details.”

The Guinea national team defender concluded by saying: “The intention to play for Mouloudia Algiers is still there, and I can play with this team next season.”

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