A historic nightmare haunts France before facing Spain in Euro 2024

The French national team, led by coach Didier Deschamps, fears a historic nightmare that may haunt the Roosters, before facing Spain tomorrow, Tuesday, at the “Allianz Arena” in Munich, in the semi-finals. Euro 2024 Located on German soil.

According to the figures and statistics issued by the website “Transfer Market“There have been 36 confrontations between France and Spain throughout history, with the Spaniards winning 16 matches, with the Roosters winning 13 matches, and 6 matches ending in a draw.

The Roosters’ concerns are represented by the modest scoring rates that their national team has presented against Spain throughout the history of confrontations between the two teams, as the Spaniards have scored (64) goals against the Roosters, while the French have only scored (39) goals.

During the last 8 matches between Les Bleus and Spain, Mbappe’s teammates only scored 4 goals, compared to 10 goals for the Spaniards, which reflects the differences in scoring abilities between the two sides in direct confrontations between them.

A fiery match is expected between France and Spain

The French national team has a bad history of results against the Spanish, as its worst defeat dates back to 1929 after losing a friendly match 1-8, then it fell in a friendly match in 1949 with a score of 1-5, before losing 4-0 in two different friendly matches in 1922 and 1942.

Returning to the most prominent historical scorers in direct confrontations between the two European giants, Zinedine Zidane is a legend. Roosters The former Real Madrid star is the top scorer for the Roosters against the Spanish net, having scored 3 goals against the Matadors.

Espionage threatens France before meeting Spain

The Roosters’ hopes for the upcoming match are to play the match with a full squad led by Kylian Mbappe, while Spain plays without the services of 3 players: the suspended Dani Carvajal and Robin Le Normand, in addition to the injured Pedri.

It is worth noting that the Roosters are looking to win their third title in the Euro competitions after the 1984 and 2000 versions, while Spain is looking to break the partnership with Germany and hold the record for the most crowned teams in the title, by looking to win the fourth title after the years 1964, 2008 and 2012.

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