A former star identifies the ideal goalkeeper for Iraq in the Olympics

Former goalkeeper Hashim Khamis gave advice to Iraq’s Olympic coach, Radhi Shenaishil, regarding the goalkeeping position in his team participating in the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Khamis said towin win“The Olympic team goalkeeper, Hussein Hassan, is one of the distinguished goalkeepers. He is the goalkeeper of the future. He played a wonderful tournament in the U-23 Asian Cup, and he continued to perform very well with his Al-Karkh team after his return.”

He added: “The Paris Olympics is a heavy and high-level tournament, which requires a goalkeeper and high-level players as well. Iraq will play with teams that have their own name and history, so we must rely on elements of experience.”

He explained: “Goalkeeper Hussein Hassan lacks experience. There is nothing wrong with him being in the Olympics, but the goalkeeping position should be held by goalkeeper Jalal Hassan, as he is more experienced and continues to provide good levels, and he is a goalkeeper who is good at leading the team.”

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