A fierce struggle is expected between Al-Ahly and Esperance to strengthen the historic number “9”.

Tomorrow, Saturday, Cairo International Stadium will host the Al-Ahly and Esperance match in the second leg of the African Champions League final for the current season 2023-2024. The first leg ended in a 0-0 draw between the two teams at the Hammadi Al-Aqrabi Olympic Stadium in Tunis, so the decision between them was postponed in order to determine the identity of the winner.

“and seeks”“Red Genie” To win the African Champions League title for the 12th time in its history, and to continue enhancing its record with 11 titles currently, while Esperance is searching for its fifth title, and its first since 2019.

An awaited competition between Al-Ahly and Esperance to boost a historic record

They tied without goals in the first leg of the final The most glorious African competitions For this season, Al-Ahly and Esperance achieved a historic record in the competition, as they became the first two teams to succeed in maintaining 9 consecutive clean sheets in the history of the tournament.

Al-Ahly was able to achieve 9 consecutive “clean sheets” in the African Champions League, despite receiving 116 shots from competitors since the last time the ball entered its goal against Tanzania’s Young Africans last December.

On the other hand, Esperance’s goal received a total of 88 shots since receiving its last goal in the African Champions League against Al Hilal of Sudan last December as well. But he also managed to keep his goal clean in 9 consecutive matches.

Schubert and Mamish are the walls of Al-Ahly and Esperance in the tournament

Al-Ahly owes this defensive strength to its goalkeeper, Mostafa Schubert, who kept his net clean in 8 consecutive matches, and before him, veteran goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy was able to achieve one “clean sheet,” which also contributed to the Egyptian club achieving this historic record.

On the other hand, goalkeeper Aman Allah Mamish was the one who had great credit for achieving “Sheikh of Tunisian clubs9 “clean sheets” in a row in the CAF Champions League, transforming him from an emergency goalkeeper to the first team’s goalkeeper, and he also became nicknamed the “King of the Clean Sheets.”

Moataz Eno, the former star of the Egyptian Al-Ahly Club, in an interview with Winwin One One facebook/motaz.eno

Each team will try to avoid conceding goals during the second leg of the CAF Champions League final, tomorrow, Saturday, until it holds the historic record, keeps its clean sheet in 10 consecutive matches, and then crowns the continental title. However, if each club succeeds in scoring against the other, then The current historical figure of 9 matches will remain the property of both until further notice.

As a reminder, this is the third final between Al-Ahly and Esperance in the African Champions League, and the Egyptian giant won the title at the expense of its Tunisian counterpart in the 2012 edition, while the title returned to the “Blood and Gold” team in 2018.

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