A coach identifies the reasons for Kamil Saad’s presence in the Iraqi national team

The coach and former star goalkeeper of Iraq, Imad Hashem, identified a convincing reason for the presence of the Iraqi Olympic team goalkeeper, Kamil Saad, on the list of the first Iraqi national team, for the double Asian qualifiers.

Spanish coach Jesus Casas’ list for the double Asian qualifiers raised great astonishment among the Iraqi sports street, as a result of the names it saw in most positions, specifically goalkeeping.

Hashem said in exclusive statements to the website: win win: “The league is the real test for a player’s presence on the first team’s roster, and the level at which the goalkeepers showed was good, and their presence in the Iraqi national team has become something worthy of these great levels.”

He continued: “I believe that the goalkeeper of Al-Karkh and the Iraqi Olympic team, Hussein Hassan, presented excellent levels in the Asian qualifiers for the Paris Olympics, and Zakho’s goalkeeper, Ali Kazem, deserves to be present, and he is worthy of the great efforts he is making with his team, Zakho, which is in the golden square in the Stars League.” Iraq is the goalkeeper who conceded the fewest goals in the tournament.”

The summoning of Kamil Saad to the ranks of the Iraqi national team raises controversy

He added: “Al-Zawraa’s goalkeeper and the first Iraqi national team, Jalal Hassan, is an experienced goalkeeper among Iraq’s goalkeepers, and he is performing well with his club, Al-Zawraa. As for Basra Oil goalkeeper and the Iraqi Olympic team, Kamil Saad, the process of calling him up has a big question mark due to his lack of participation in the tournament.” Iraqi League“.

He continued: “Kamil Saad is ineffective with his club, Naft Basra, which is with the bottom teams in the Iraq Stars League standings. I believe that his presence in the World Cup qualifiers with… Lions of Mesopotamia “It is to gain experience, which will help him in the Paris Olympics if the Iraqi Olympic team needs him.”

New Iraqi national team player Muhammad Al-Taay (Instagram/mo_altaay) Winwin winwin

Imad Hashem concluded his speech by saying: “From my personal point of view, the introduction of new names into the Iraqi national team is, firstly, to change and revitalize the team’s blood, and secondly, to gain experience from Jalal Hassan during this period of the qualifiers, which is a healthy and correct condition in the Iraqi national team.”

The Iraqi national team is preparing to play the last two matches in the double Asian qualifiers for the 2026 World Cup and the 2027 Asian Cup, facing Indonesia and Vietnam on June 6 and 11.

The list of Spanish coach Jesus Casas for the double Asian qualifiers witnessed the absence of a number of players demanded by the sports street in the Iraqi national team, such as Al-Zawraa player Hassan Abdul Karim “Qoqiyah”, the Najaf player Muhammad Qasim, and the Iranian Miss Rafsanjan player Muntadhar Muhammad “Kanoush”.

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