“90 Minutes” revives Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya after league setback

The assistant coach of the Iraqi Air Force team, Safwan Abdul Ghani, confirmed his team’s desire to win the Iraq Cup title at the expense of the police, to compensate for the failure to win the league title.

And lost the team Race for the title Iraq Premier League In the 37th round (the penultimate) of the competition, after drawing with Al-Qasim team, and Al-Shorta winning over Dohuk, Al-Shorta was crowned champion after the difference reached 5 points.

Abdul Ghani said in the press conference preceding the Iraq Cup final match between his team and Al-Shorta Club: “Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya fans are sad until now, because of the way things have turned out in the Iraqi Premier League. After the team was in the lead, it fell to second place and lost the title, and we very much understand the anger and sadness of the Al-Azraq fans.”

Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya is counting on winning the cup to compensate for the league failure

He added: “Winning tomorrow’s match will give us the cup title. We want this title to erase the sad image of the club. We were able to turn the bad image that the team showed in the Al-Qasim match through the Al-Zawraa match in the semi-finals of the Iraq Cup. These 90 minutes were enough to turn the tables in the club and restore confidence and spirit to the players.”

He added: “Our team is continuing to work and is not thinking about anything except tomorrow’s match, which will be very special. The players do not need advice or guidance. They know what they have to do, and everyone wants to win the title in order to end the season in the best and most beautiful way possible.”

He continued: “The team did not get enough rest to enter tomorrow’s match. Unfortunately, we did not get enough time to prepare in the best way due to the pressure of matches and playing 3 matches in 10 days. In general, we are looking forward to winning and nothing else.”

For his part, Tunisian player Ghaith Al-Ma’roufi, who plays for Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya, said: “We regret to the fans that we were unable to achieve the Iraqi Premier League title. As an important team, we should have won the title, especially since the team’s roster includes important players in the Iraqi national and Olympic teams.”

Wessam Rizk

He added: “Winning the Iraq Cup title is the most beautiful gift that can be given to the fans of Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya. We won the classic against Al-Zawraa, and we were able to compensate the fans after they experienced sadness due to the loss in the league against Al-Nawras, and we are ready to win the title tomorrow to make them even happier.”

The final match of the Iraq Cup Championship will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8:00 pm Baghdad and Doha time, at Al-Shaab International Stadium.

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