6 players that Cardoso will not allow to leave Tunisian Esperance

The Board of Directors of the Tunisian Esperance Sports Club, headed by Hamdi Al-Madab, decided after agreement with the coach Miguel CardosoNot allowing many prominent names to leave the team that is close to crowning the Tunisian local league champion for the 2023-24 football season, for the 33rd time in its history.

The management of the club that has won the most championships in Tunisia is interested in Caruso’s opinion and priorities regarding the renewal file for players whose contracts will expire, as it begins to open the line of negotiations with the players whom the Portuguese coach wants to continue according to his technical vision, while postponing negotiations with those whose services can be dispensed with.

The technical staff is working To the sheikh of Tunisian clubs Under the leadership of Kardozer, they are developing a vision for the next season, in which Esperance aspires to continue winning local titles and try to return to brilliance at the continental level, crowning the African Champions League title for the fifth time, and achieving a successful World Cup participation, which is the club’s first and primary goal, according to observers.

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Esperance’s list includes many players whose contracts expire on June 30, including Moez Ben Sherifia, Ghilan Chaalali, Mohamed Ben Ali, and Hani Amamou.

The Esperance coach will not allow the team’s stars to leave

There is another group of players whose contracts expire at the end of next season. Which gives them the right to sign for any other club in January 2025, most notably the Algerian centre-back. Muhammad Amin Tugay.

According to website sources,win win“Cardozo will not allow several important names to leave, and this concerns goalkeeper Moez Ben Sherifia, who intended to embark on a professional adventure outside Tunisia, after a career with the team for more than 14 years.

Tugay did not participate with the Algerian national team against Uganda due to suffering from an injury

The club will also not give up its star player, Ghilan Chaalali, who will renew his contract for at least an additional season and will continue his career that began a year with “Al-Makshakha”, in addition to renewing the contracts of centre-backs Hani Amamou and Mohamed Ali Ben Ali, and will also not allow Togay to leave, in light of the expected departure of defender Yassin. Comfortable.

Nigerian midfielder Onochie Agobelo will also not be allowed to leave, but it is possible that Esperance will accept the departure of Congolese winger Andre Bukeya and Gambian striker Kepa Swe. Left defender Osama Al-Sohaili will also be the first to leave Esperance this summer.

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