5 statements that put Mohamed Magdy Afsha in a crisis within Al-Ahly

Swiss coach Marcel Kohler, the club’s technical director, decided Al-Ahly of EgyptThe player, Mohamed Magdy Afsha, was excluded from the team’s group training, yesterday evening, Monday, due to his recent television statements.

Kohler asked Afsha not to participate in the training and to leave the team’s group training, in order to organize himself Player The 28-year-old is in the club’s gym, less than 24 hours after his television statements on a satellite channel.

Afsha’s recent statements caused a great deal of controversy… a controversy that penetrated into the “Red Castle”, where the player was accused of creating crises and speaking about his teammates and his coach in an unacceptable manner, even if the player did not intend to do so.

In this report, we review 5 statements that caused Mohamed Magdy Afsha to be removed from team training, and may affect his future with Al-Ahly.

Imam Ashour

Mohamed Magdy Afsha said in his statement: “In the Egypt Cup final match in Saudi Arabia, I scored one goal and assisted another, and in the end, I won… Imam Ashour “Best Player Award. Speaking of truth and truth, I was the best player. In 10 minutes, I scored one goal and assisted another.”

He added: “The match was in Saudi Arabia? Yes, but the match observer who awarded the award was from Egypt. There are people who see the truth and do not reveal it.”

The owner of the “shot”

Another statement that some linked to Afsha’s talk about his teammates, and the reference here may also be about Imam Ashour, and Mahmoud Abdel Moneim Kahraba.

How will Al-Ahly deal with Afsha after his statements?  (X/@AlAhly) One Win winwin

Afsha said: “Now we are looking for the owner of the “shot” or the owner of the “trend”. Do you hear the voice of Amr Al-Sulayya? Is anyone talking about him? Do you hear the voice of Ali Maaloul? We are only looking for the owners of “show” and “shots” so that we can give them attention.” “The media person.”

He explained: “There are players who do not play well, but they take the shot. I do not mean a specific player, but there are many of that type. You are a football player, so focus on your work only as a football player.”

Did he mean Akram Tawfiq?

A number of followers linked a special statement by Mohamed Magdy Afsha about the Man of the Match award to the fact that he meant his teammate Akram Tawfiq, who received the Best Player award in the CAF Champions League final, although Afsha made it clear in his words that he meant the Man of the Match award in the league championship. Just.

Afsha said: “With regard to the players who receive the Man of the Match award, it is a disaster. There are players who do everything with the ball, but they choose the player who makes tackles, hits players, and such things, and thus this type gets the award.”

Mohamed Magdy Afsha and Marcel Kohler

Afsha stated, “There were no problems or any verbal abuse from me towards anyone in the club. I will not offend anyone, but I like when someone says a certain thing to implement it.”

He added: “You are the coach and the decision-maker, but when I feel like I am doing everything I have and I am not playing, I am definitely sad.” He continued, saying: “Kohler told me that I will play if I do what he says, and I told him that I will do everything he asks of me, and by the way, he is the technical manager I have developed the most with.” Especially in the defensive part.”

He continued: “I spoke to him in front of all the players and the technical staff. I told him that you told me that I would play if I did what you asked of me, but you did not carry out what you said. I told him what it means that he is unfair to me.” In another statement, he explained: “I am wronged by many people.”

An argument in the team

In another statement, Afsha explained that he intervened a few weeks ago to resolve an argument that broke out between two players on the team, and that he felt upset when one of the parties to the argument spoke to him in an inappropriate manner.

Some criticized that statement, because they considered that Afsha had leaked news of an argument between two players on the team, which they considered to be an inappropriate matter that should not happen in Al-Ahly of Egypt.

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