5 numbers that shape the historic Algerian Cup final

Nadia meets Mouloudia of Algiers And Chabab Belouizdad, on Friday, July 5, at the historic July 5 stadium in the Algerian capital, within the competitions of the 57th edition of the Algerian Cup final, with a confrontational intention to win the title and achieve different goals, as Mouloudia aims to win the double, while Chabab is looking for a title to save the season.

Mouloudia d’Alger won the Algerian Professional League title for the 2023-2024 season for the first time in 14 years, depriving Chabab Belouizdad of its fifth consecutive title, as it settled for second place this season, and is looking to make up for it by winning the Algerian Cup, which it lost in 2023 surprisingly to the Association of Chlef by two goals to one.

Eight titles for each team and a ninth to break the partnership

The two traditional rivals, Mouloudia d’Alger and Chabab Belouizdad, share a unique historical record, which is the record for the number of Algerian Cup titles (eight titles for each team), in partnership with the USM Alger and ES Setif clubs as well. Therefore, Friday’s final will be the match to break the partnership and obtain the new record, i.e. 9 titles in the Cup competition.

The matches between Mouloudia and Chabab are characterised by their intensity and excitement, due to the derby nature that distinguishes them, in addition to the great sensitivity among the fans of the two teams regarding the leadership of the Algerian capital in football.

12 finals for Chabab Belouizdad and 9 for Mouloudia Algiers

The club is Chabab Belouizdad It is one of the Algerian clubs that has previously played in the final of the Algerian Cup competition, as it played a total of 12 full finals, winning eight finals and losing four others, the last of which was in the 2022-2023 season, which puts the colleagues of the Algerian international, Chouaib Keddad, in front of the inevitability of restoring honor and winning in the final this season.

As for Mouloudia Algiers, it played in nine full finals, losing only once, and that was against its rival and neighbor, the Union of the Capital, in 2013, by one goal to none, which is the scenario that Mouloudia fans fear in the derby against Chabab Belouizdad.

The second final in a row for Chabab Belouizdad

Chabab Belouizdad will play against Mouloudia d’Alger in their second consecutive final in the Algerian Cup, after losing Championship Final 2023-2024 season against the Association of Chlef, at the Miloud Hadefi Stadium in Oran, with a score of 1-2, which is the surprising loss that cost the youth the opportunity to win the local double.

Chabab Belouizdad coach talks about Belaili before the Algerian Cup final

Belouizdad fans do not want a second loss in the Cup final, although the task will not be easy against Mouloudia Algiers, who are armed with their great results this season, and whose star Youssef Belaili is the best player in the Algerian Professional League.

20 thousand fans for each team in the stands of July 5 Stadium

The organizers of the Algerian Cup final were keen to divide the match tickets equally between the fans of the two clubs, at a rate of 20,000 tickets for each team, and the tickets offered for sale were exhausted within only two hours, which highlights the great public passion for the final.

Observers agree that the fans of Mouloudia Club of Algiers, the club with the largest fan base in Algeria, are capable of filling the stands of any stadium, regardless of its capacity, given the overwhelming popularity enjoyed by this historic club.

6 previous confrontations in the Algerian Cup and the victory for Mouloudia

MC Alger and CR Belouizdad have met on six previous occasions in the Algerian Cup competition; however, the encounter on Friday, July 5, will be the first in the final, and MC Alger has the upper hand in the previous six direct confrontations.

Al-Ameed has outperformed Al-Shabab in four of the previous six matches in the Cup competition, while Shabab Belouizdad has won only twice, which prompts it to try to take revenge on its traditional rival by achieving an unforgettable victory, as long as it will be in the final this time.

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